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The PA Republican Party’s Leadership Needs to Quit Race-Based Politics

It is now beyond dispute that Pennsylvania’s voter ID law disproportionately affects groups that traditionally vote for Democrats, and Pennsylvania’s Republican leaders know it. House Majority Leader Mike Turzai admitted it in 2012, and Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Rob Gleason admitted … More after the jump

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Sorry Spanish Speakers

The Spanish language site for Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law, Votes PA is down, for a second day. Meanwhile there is still no statement from Governor Corbett, or anyone else in the governors office. There is also no statement from … More after the jump

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Would [New] Library IDs Satisfy PA Voter ID Law?

As I’m sure already know, you now need a non-expired photo ID to vote this November in the state of Pennsylvania. What types of ID are accepted, you ask? US Government (Passport) Commonwealth of PA (DL or ID Card) Licensed … More after the jump

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Voter ID Bill Has Hidden Costs

When Governor Corbett signed into law one of the toughest voter identification bills in the nation, we knew that the bill would cost taxpayers roughly $11 million dollars.  While it may only cost the Commonwealth a paltry few million dollars, … More after the jump

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Voter ID Law Could Cost You $13.50 or Potentially $1,000 and 2 Years in Prison

Carlisle Borough Councilman Tim Scott, who has been a strong advocate against the new Voter ID Bill, has sent Keystone Politics the following message:

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List of Approved Forms of Photo ID for Voting — via PA ACLU

With the Voter ID Bill passed and signed into law by Governor Corbett, it is useful to know what forms of photo ID are accepted, and how to get a provisional ID.  The Pennsylvania ACLU has come up with a … More after the jump

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Voter ID Bill: House Bill 934 Action Alert

House Bill 934, the Pennsylvania voter suppression legislation, will be voted on the Pennsylvania Senate TOMORROW, and it will affect over 691,000 voters in our state. It will disenfranchise thousands of senior citizens, disabled, working poor, and students. Anyone without … More after the jump

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State Senate Will Address Voter ID Bill

We’ve talked about the abhorrant Voter ID bill before. If you’ll recall, the bill would require anyone who votes to show a photo ID at the poll to prevent voter fraud. The problems with this are many: It’s a solution … More after the jump

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Students Are Honing Voter Registration Strategies for 2012

The 2008 election saw record numbers of voter registration and turnout among college students.  The Obama campaign played a crucial role in this, but many of the voter registration strategies for on-campus turnout were pioneered by college students themselves.  Looking … More after the jump

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Voter ID Bill Will Hit Transgender Community Hard

Daryl Metcalfe’s Voter ID bill, which we’ve detailed as being a solution in search of a problem, and more accurately as a Republican effort to disenfranchise Democratic voters, also adversely affects the transgender community. How? It’s tough enough right now … More after the jump

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