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Rep. Lou Barletta an Example of Republican Hypocrisy on Debt

According to an article by James Buckley and Paul Gaige of The Atlas Project, Congressman Lou Barletta provides a prime example of the debt that Republicans don’t want to talk about: their own campaign finances. The article does not say … More after the jump

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Patriot News Endorses Gene Stilp

Harrisburg’s largest daily newspaper has endorsed Gene Stilp over Congressman Lou Barletta in the race for the newly-gerrymandered 11th Congressional District. Telling readers to “give Gene Stilp a chance,” the Patriot’s editorial board says that Stilp’s activism “makes sense for … More after the jump

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Election Surprises Brewing in Central PA?

It’s probably been decades since Democrats held any of the 20-plus state House seats in south central PA other than the 3 that are based in the cities of Harrisburg, Lancaster and York. (One exception that I know of: Jeff … More after the jump

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Rep. Lou Barletta Sends Taxpayer-Funded Staffer to Debate Gene Stilp

If you are running against Gene Stilp, the renegade reformer known for exposing politicians that used public money for campaign purposes, what is politically the worst possible thing you could do? Ask Republican Congressman Lou Barletta (PA-11)–because it looks like … More after the jump

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VIDEO: Gene Stilp Drag Racing in Front of State Capitol

In case you missed it, Democrat Gene Stilp took a break from his race against Congressman Lou Barletta in Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District to briefly compete in another race–a drag race, that is. That’s right, Pennsylvania’s favorite political-prop prestidigitator is … More after the jump

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Ask Not For Whom Gene Stilp’s Liberty Bell Tolls, It Tolls for Lou Barletta

In case you missed it, Gene Stilp has equipped Pignelope with a massive, inflatable Liberty Bell. Stilp took his big bell to Dickinson College today to help register students to vote.  The bell took up the entirety of Dickinson’s Britton … More after the jump

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Gene Stilp Gets the Chair–A Giant Prop Wheelchair, That Is

At this point, you may have heard about Congressional candidate Gene Stilp’s wide array of public policy props including “Pignelope,” the “Lady of the Susquehanna,” the back-worn electrical plug, and the humongous hypodermic. Now there’s another Stilp original to add … More after the jump

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Gene Stilp’s Bus Challenges Mitt Romney’s Bus to a Fight

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Gene Stilp is a genius. I should point out that Gene’s bus, Pignelope, needs to eat very frequently.  It’s well worth a few bucks to keep her on the road chasing … More after the jump

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This is Why Gene Stilp Can Beat Lou Barletta

Every credible statewide political commentator has identified the Critz-Rothfus race for the 12th District and the Fitzpatrick-Boockvar fight for the 8th District as the two Congressional toss-ups.  I share that opinion.  But, if I were to identify which race in … More after the jump

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Why is the League of Women Voters Censoring Debates?

First and foremost, I want to say that the League of Women Voters is an excellent organization that I personally have benefited from in the past.  I have worked with them registering students to vote in high schools and colleges … More after the jump

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