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#PAGov: Corbett Spreading the Grift Around Ahead of Epic Electoral Flame-out

More like the Electoral Growth Initiative – he wishes! In the weeks before Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial election, incumbent Gov. Corbett is scattering millions in taxpayer dollars to big businesses through his Economic Growth Initiative, a downsized version of the Redevelopment Assistance Capital … More after the jump

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Keystone Politics: Emerged From Darkness

I suppose I owe everybody an explanation for why this site basically went dark for a couple months this summer. After a long freelance journalism nightmare, I’m basically doing my dream job now, working for PlanPhilly full time, helping set the table for … More after the jump

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What the CBS/NYT poll about Wolf and Corbett ACTUALLY says

There was an uproar among political observers in Pennsylvania over poll analysis posted on PoliticsPA. I’d like to take readers through, point by point, so they may have a better understanding of what the data shows and does not show. … More after the jump

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Audit of DEP Finds Shocking Evidence of Republican Environmental Policy

The 146-page report, prepared by Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, was sweeping in its criticism of the Department of Environmental Protection’s handling of gas-well inspections, and its failure to provide timely and thorough information to citizens between 2009 and 2012. “The … More after the jump

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Harrisburg’s Draft Zoning Plan’s Best Changes

There is a renewed push in city hall to pass a significant zoning code overhaul and I am really happy to hear it. The current code, after being amended 31 times between it’s adoption in 1950 and now, was explained to be, by city planner Geoffrey Knight, appearing … More after the jump

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Coal Mining and Fracking Are Responsible for Less Than 0.6% of PA Employment

Just to put things in perspective for those hearing the concern trolling from the coal, oil, and natural gas industries that implementing new federal emissions regulations and a state severance tax on shale gas production will have serious consequences for … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Starving the Beast With Tom Corbett

Give away $1.2B as tax cuts. Have $1.2B less in revenue. Claim you’re too broke to fund Philly schools. Gov. Corbett and the state legislature have to approve a budget before the end of June. In the meantime, Zogby said … More after the jump

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Keystone Politics Endorses Brad Koplinski for Lieutenant Governor

With Tom Corbett consistently ranked as the most vulnerable incumbent Governor in the country, Keystone State liberals have an uncommon opportunity this Tuesday to draft a ticket of their choice. That ticket is Tom Wolf for Governor and Brad Koplinski for … More after the jump

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The State Primaries That Matter

I couldn’t fit it in to my list of the state legislature primaries to watch, but if Maria Quinones-Sanchez’s slate wins two or more of their races she’ll definitely be on the list of Mayoral mentionees.

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#TheStump: Shaughnessy Naughton – congressional candidate in the #PA8

Voters in the Eighth District need a Representative who will move away from the do-nothing politics of Congressman Fitzpatrick, and towards an agenda that gets people back to work, helps struggling middle class families and strengthen our communities. I’m running … More after the jump

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