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Tom Wolf’s DCNR Pick Matters a Lot After Commonwealth Court Decision

Wolf can’t unilaterally stop drilling on state lands now. Not the end of the world, but this is now one important litmus test for Wolf appointees to DCNR.

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The Littlest Leadership Crisis Befells Pretend Government

The top two officials of a 1300-person borough passed away within two weeks of one another, and now the borough is now in the throes of the cutest littlest leadership crisis you ever did see. 1300 people is much smaller … More after the jump

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Blame Jay Paterno

After his failed bid for Lieutenant Governor, Jay Paterno decided that running for state Senate as a write-in was beneath Him, despite efforts to recruit him for the seat. This deprived Democrats of a top-tier candidate to run against Senator Jake Corman, leaving … More after the jump

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Tom Corbett’s Environmental Legacy: 500+ Open-Air Frackwater Ponds

In 2005, Pennsylvania had 11 frack water pits. Just eight years later, aerial maps show that number has jumped to 529. It’s unclear how many of these sites store fresh water used for fracking, and how many store the toxic … More after the jump

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PA School Funding “Formula” Systematically Shortchanges Non-White Students

Equal funding per pupil: we don’t have it! David Mosenkis analyzed the distribution of Pennsylvania’s state education funding, and found a clear statistical relationship between higher percentages of non-white students in a school and lower school funding. Racist, racist, racist. Dale … More after the jump

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Election Day Recap, or, When Will the Bad News Stop Coming?

The national midterm results are so horribly bleak that I’m having a bit of psychological pain looking beyond the Pennsylvania news this morning. But even within Pennsylvania, the Wolf win doesn’t even sugarcoat things enough, because Republicans actually added 3 state Senate … More after the jump

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Election Day Thread

Turnout in South Philly seems to be higher than expected for a midterm. What’re you seeing in your area?

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#PAGov: Corbett Spreading the Grift Around Ahead of Epic Electoral Flame-out

More like the Electoral Growth Initiative – he wishes! In the weeks before Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial election, incumbent Gov. Corbett is scattering millions in taxpayer dollars to big businesses through his Economic Growth Initiative, a downsized version of the Redevelopment Assistance Capital … More after the jump

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Keystone Politics: Emerged From Darkness

I suppose I owe everybody an explanation for why this site basically went dark for a couple months this summer. After a long freelance journalism nightmare, I’m basically doing my dream job now, working for PlanPhilly full time, helping set the table for … More after the jump

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What the CBS/NYT poll about Wolf and Corbett ACTUALLY says

There was an uproar among political observers in Pennsylvania over poll analysis posted on PoliticsPA. I’d like to take readers through, point by point, so they may have a better understanding of what the data shows and does not show. … More after the jump

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