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Ride-Share Fix Must Apply to Philly Parking Authority as Well as PUC

By some weird accident of history, the city of Philadelphia doesn’t have the same taxi regulator as the rest of the state. Whereas the Public Utilities Commission sets the rules for taxis in Pittsburgh and elsewhere, the Philadelphia Parking Authority … More after the jump

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#PABudget: Why Aren’t We Talking About a Statewide Cigarette Tax Increase?

With the local cigarette tax for Philly schools passing out of committee, it’s a good time to zoom out and ask why we haven’t been talking about raising the cigarette tax all across the state to fill the Great Republican … More after the jump

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Harrisburg’s Draft Zoning Plan’s Best Changes

There is a renewed push in city hall to pass a significant zoning code overhaul and I am really happy to hear it. The current code, after being amended 31 times between it’s adoption in 1950 and now, was explained to be, by city planner Geoffrey Knight, appearing … More after the jump

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Anti-Competitive Retail Alcohol Regulations Are Designed to Thwart Competition, Not Underage Drinking

Checking IDs at the point of retail sale does not stop minors from getting beer. The people buying the beer are of legal age. They are reselling it to minors. Or the kids are getting it from their parents. Based … More after the jump

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#PABudget: Don’t Weep for the Beer Distributors

This plan to create multiple different kinds of licenses for selling beer is dumb and probably not going to pass, but this is one of my favorite issues so let’s do a blog post about it anyway. The legislation at … More after the jump

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Easton Introducing Trolley Service Because “We Can’t Invent Parking”

Easton, PA is one of my favorite small cities in eastern PA, and some of the compact older cities and boroughs around the state should be looking to them for inspiration on economic revitalization. The historic downtown is beautiful, with … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Who Will Promise to Hide the Utility Meters?

This is not why anybody got into politics, and it’s certainly not the type of thing I’m proud to be spending my time asking candidates for statewide office about. But unfortunately, making housing developers hide ugly gas meters inside of … More after the jump

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Kill the Racehorse Grift in This Year’s #PABudget

This subsidy – this horse fucking subsidy! – provides approximately zero benefit to Pennsylvania’s economy. The jig is up, Lisa. All we’re doing is making a bunch of rich fucking out-of-state horse owners richer. $252 million richer. Every year. Some … More after the jump

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The Environmentalist Case for Philly Wage and Business Tax Reform

Here is a crucial point for Philadelphians who consider themselves environmentalists. The fact that almost 40% (!) of Philadelphians leave the city limits for work every day, mostly via solo-driving, is an absolute disaster for the climate. The more people … More after the jump

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These Are Pennsylvania’s Emptiest Areas

Idiots sometimes wonder why, if so much land area of Pennsylvania is Republican, why do Republicans have so much trouble winning statewide elections. The answer is that big swaths of central PA are actually empty. Here’s a cool map that … More after the jump

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