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Most of PA Policed by Militias

That’s what you call a 5 or 10-person “police department” of mostly part-time officers right? Did you know that two-thirds of the state’s police officers are part-time, and 15% of the departments are part-time? And that the federal government is giving these … More after the jump

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Municipal Consolidation is About Capacity and Equity, Not Lower Taxes

There’s a reason that the local governments with highest per-capita costs in New Jersey are both the richest and the poorest. The richest areas want more and better services, and the poorest areas have increased need for the most expensive … More after the jump

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#PAGOV: GOP’s attack on Wolf is pretty weak

I don’t want this piece to be misconstrued as my official public support of Tom Wolf, but as I was reading Politics PA’s piece the other night about the recent attack by the PA GOP on Wolf’s business record, I had to … More after the jump

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Gilberton Dissolves Police Department

The departure of that nut Mark Kessler left Gilberton without a functioning police department, so now they’re just disbanding it: Ordinance 2014-1 reads, “Whereas the council of the Borough of Gilberton has agreed that it can no longer maintain a … More after the jump

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Good Riddance to Lottery Privatization

I’m an advocate for privatization of the state liquor stores for a wide variety of reasons, most importantly because I actually take alcohol regulation seriously, and the evidence is clear that PA’s cartel system does a worse job at harm … More after the jump

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New PA Budget: Robbing From the Poor to Give to the Rich, the Reverse Robin Hood Republicans

The new 2013-2014 state budget was signed into law by Republican Governor Tom Corbett on June 30. I’ve said before that budget choices are moral choices, and now, using analysis from the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center, I’m going to … More after the jump

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Gerlach, Meehan, and Fitzpatrick Targeted on Immigration Reform

The bipartisan immigration reform bill that passed in the Senate last Thursday now put the onus on the House of Representatives to pick up the ball and run. Unfortunately, House Republicans have described the bill as dead on arrival, and … More after the jump

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DCCC Targets Barletta, Kelly, and Meehan on Medicare Promises and the Ryan Budget

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee released a statement yesterday targeting Congressional Republicans who might “break their promise” to protect seniors over the age of 55. In the release, the DCCC targeted three Pennsylvania Republicans, suggesting that they might be among … More after the jump

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Parks, Land Values and Citizinvestor

Ryan Briggs’ article about how everybody in Philly wants parks but nobody wants to pay for them is a good example of the point I was making about Citizinvestor and club goods: Citizinvestor might also be helpful for shoring up … More after the jump

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How Towns Can Save Money Without Cutting Municipal Services

Princeton Borough and Princetown Township, NJ have finally merged: Princeton Township and Princeton Borough have become just Princeton. The merger of the Mercer County communities, which won voter approval in November 2011, formally occurred Tuesday when members of the new … More after the jump

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