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Tom Wolf is Keeping His Campaign Promise to Expand Real Medicaid

We’re going to take a wee bit of credit for this one, since we were the first to ask about it publicly after CorbettCare was announced, and Wolf promised us first that he’d scrap CorbettCare and do the real Medicaid … More after the jump

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Lame Duck Corbett Trying to Sabotage Real Medicaid Expansion

Tom Wolf thumped Tom Corbett on Election Day running on, among other things, real Medicaid expansion. But apparently Corbett didn’t get the message the voters sent him, because he’s apparently planning to spend his remaining months in office trying to lock … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Doing Medicaid the Corbett Way Imposes Hefty Corruption Tax on PA Taxpayers

While it’s certainly great news for the hundreds of thousands of poor and middle class people who no longer need to live in fear that a random accident will destroy their finances all because the Republican Governor wanted to be a … More after the jump

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Why Is This Guy Still Allowed to Buy Alcohol in Pennsylvania?

This asshole got arrested for drunkenly ramming his car into an SUV with a pregnant woman and kids inside. This is his second DUI. Why should he still be allowed to buy alcohol in Pennsylvania? Shouldn’t we create a list … More after the jump

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Thank Bob Casey For Supporting Senate Dems’ ‘Hobby Lobby’ Fix

Bob Casey personally opposes abortion rights, which sometimes finds him on the wrong side of the Democratic base on certain votes, but in the case of Senate Democrats’ Hobby Lobby fix, he wants to do the right thing. Criticizing politicians … More after the jump

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#PABudget: Why Aren’t We Talking About a Statewide Cigarette Tax Increase?

With the local cigarette tax for Philly schools passing out of committee, it’s a good time to zoom out and ask why we haven’t been talking about raising the cigarette tax all across the state to fill the Great Republican … More after the jump

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What Are We Getting For All This? PA Has Higher Alcohol-Related Death Rates Than NY, NJ, and MD.

If Pennsylvania’s anti-competitive regulations are any good at preventing alcohol abuse, how come states with more competitive retailing like New Jersey, New York, and Maryland all have lower rates of alcohol-attributable deaths? The answer, of course, is that anti-competitive regulations … More after the jump

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PA Needs to Take Nurse Practitioners Seriously

The state of Pennsylvania makes it illegal for nurse practitioners to work without a physician’s sign-off. That’s not the case in some states who are following the policy recommended by the Institutes of Medicine. Letting nurse practitioners practice autonomously is … More after the jump

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Planned Parenthood PA Supports the Republican Version of VAWA

“Even Planned Parenthood supports the Republican version of VAWA.” That’s what Republicans can now say thanks to Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania. In what was either the worst-researched or most politically reckless mailer of the primary election cycle, Planned Parenthood PA’s political … More after the jump

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PA Social Politics After Marriage Equality

Tom Corbett’s decision not to appeal the ruling striking down PA’s same-sex marriage ban marks the beginning of a new era in state social politics. While it’s still going to take some time for liberals to win the other big … More after the jump

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