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Primary Lisa Boscola

It was true last year, and it’s truer still today: Lisa Boscola badly needs a primary challenge. Boscola is basically a Republican, has flirted with becoming a Republican, and her redrawn Senate district map opens up some space to challenge her from the … More after the jump

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Tom Wolf is Keeping His Campaign Promise to Expand Real Medicaid

We’re going to take a wee bit of credit for this one, since we were the first to ask about it publicly after CorbettCare was announced, and Wolf promised us first that he’d scrap CorbettCare and do the real Medicaid … More after the jump

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The 67 District Plan for Repairing PA’s School Tax Bases

The state funding cuts are still the biggest problem facing local school districts but the second biggest problem many are having is that they are too small. In the city centers and first ring suburbs, you’ve typically got some school districts without … More after the jump

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Yo Tom Wolf: Fix the State Assessment Law

The only reason you’re seeing this spot assessment wave is that the state of Pennsylvania doesn’t require all counties to reassess properties on a regular and predictable schedule. County commissioners shouldn’t have to vote to do this, that’s insane. It should … More after the jump

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Tom Wolf’s Agenda is Popular

Hopefully the Fresh Start PAC will stick around to remind southeast Republican lawmakers’ constituents about this, since so many of them ran as liberals on this stuff: Voters are generally supportive of Wolf’s progressive agenda. Wolf took a beating for … More after the jump

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Existing Jobs Vs. Different Jobs

Via WESA, Pew says Pennsylvania is a leader in clean energy: The commonwealth ranked fourth in energy- and environment-related employment in 2011 with 136,000 jobs. “That’s a pretty impressive number, especially when you recognize that it’s comparable to other energy … More after the jump

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Education Funding Inequality: Who to Take the Money From and How To Take It

Marcy Levy at the AP reported Sunday that what KP readers probably suspected was happening was indeed happening, and the funding gap between rich schools and poor schools doubled during Corbett’s four years in office. Infuriatingly, Corbett ends the article asking … More after the jump

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Poll: PA is Loving Life Under Gay Marriage

The gay marriage ban ended, nothing bad happened, and now six in 10 people support same-sex marriage. LGBT civil rights activists will still be gainfully employed in this state for the foreseeable future, but they will increasingly have the wind at … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Wolf Disagrees with Cuomo’s Fracking Ban

The moratorium supporters failed to move any Democratic candidates for Governor into their column during the primary, so this isn’t surprising. Wolf continues to support a moratorium on gas drilling on public land, so I’m expecting a high profile reversal … More after the jump

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Sorry, a 5% Severance Tax Won’t “Cripple” PA’s Economy

Only 0.5% of the PA workforce is employed by the natural gas sector. Yes, there are some other auxiliary industries that benefit from natural gas activity that aren’t counted in that. Yes, low gas prices support some additional economic activity than … More after the jump

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