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Republicans Using Fiscal Code to Undermine DEP’s Authority to Regulate Oil and Gas Drilling

Late Sunday night, Republicans adopted an amendment to the Fiscal Code that would halt DEP’s process for regulating oil and gas. The amendment hadn’t been proposed or debated previously before randomly showing up on Sunday night, likely at the behest … More after the jump

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Why Don’t Pipeline Builders Have to Pay Property Taxes?

In New Jersey, pipeline builders have to pay property taxes to the towns they build in, but not in Pennsylvania: As Republican legislative leaders and the natural gas industry unite to beat back Gov. Tom Wolf’s severance tax proposal, here’s … More after the jump

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Why a Severance Tax on Natural Gas is Good for the Shale Industry

Chris Briem made a great point about this back in 2014, and I wanted to pull that out again because Mike Turzai is out there saying some pretty unbelievable stuff about the impact of a natural gas severance tax on … More after the jump

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Mark Squilla’s Unsatisfactory Answer to Why He Attended “White Women’s Lives Matter” Rally

(Councilman Squilla calming things down) The trouble with Philly Councilman Mark Squilla’s response to why he attended the racially-charged protest in Whitman (a neighborhood in South Philadelphia with a pretty recent history of racist reaction politics) is that when politicians go to rallies, … More after the jump

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Scott Wagner Doubles Down on Helicopter-Based School Auditing

In response to Wolf Press Secretary Jeff Sheridan’s suggestion that the Republican “get out of the helicopter and go visit a school,” Senator Scott Wagner is now doubling down on his claim that he can tell schools have enough state funding by looking … More after the jump

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Elections Have Consequences: Environmental Secretaries Edition

With the confirmation of John Quigley as Tom Wolf’s Department of Environmental Protection Secretary this week, it’s an important time to pause and reflect on how drastically different of an approach Democratic and Republican administrations take to staffing this agency, … More after the jump

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Tea Party Garbageman Can Tell Which Schools Are Well-Funded By Flying Over Them in a Helicopter

So, this is a thing that happened: “State Sen. Scott Wagner went for a helicopter ride last week. Sen. Wagner took WHTM’s Dennis Owens for a ride, figuratively. The senator flew over three central Pennsylvania schools hoping to illustrate that schools … More after the jump

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Primary Lisa Boscola

It was true last year, and it’s truer still today: Lisa Boscola badly needs a primary challenge. Boscola is basically a Republican, has flirted with becoming a Republican, and her redrawn Senate district map opens up some space to challenge her from the … More after the jump

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Tom Wolf is Keeping His Campaign Promise to Expand Real Medicaid

We’re going to take a wee bit of credit for this one, since we were the first to ask about it publicly after CorbettCare was announced, and Wolf promised us first that he’d scrap CorbettCare and do the real Medicaid … More after the jump

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The 67 District Plan for Repairing PA’s School Tax Bases

The state funding cuts are still the biggest problem facing local school districts but the second biggest problem many are having is that they are too small. In the city centers and first ring suburbs, you’ve typically got some school districts without … More after the jump

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