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#PHL2015 Candidates Have a “Duty to Respond” on Stuff They Can’t Do Anything About

This op-ed by James Lytle is Exhibit A in the case for not spending too much time talking about education in the 2015 Philly Mayoral race, even though that’s the issue most people seem to want to debate next year. Titled “Education issues … More after the jump

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Derp: Larry Ceisler Thinks Lynn Abraham is #PHL2015 Frontrunner

LOL. Has PoliticsPA ever been less essential?

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The Philly Mayoral Race So Far

Education activists: Anybody but Williams Planning activists: Anybody but Clarke Budding conflict over whether to back Ken Trujillo or Terry Gillen as the non-stupid alternative to the two big jawns. Lynne Abraham re-announcing every time somebody new gets in the … More after the jump

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#PHL2015: Alan Butkovitz is Super Vulnerable as 54th Ward Leader

As Philadelphia’s 2015 elections approach, I’ve been familiarizing myself with some of the political geography of recent elections using David Diano’s excellent VoterWeb application. And one interesting point that stuck out for me in the 2014 ward election results is how vulnerable City Controller and … More after the jump

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#PHL2015: Butkovitz Poll Obviously Fake

This could be cleared up if Butkovitz would release the results, which he won’t, but the likely issue with this poll is either a “likely voter” screen that includes only certain Butko-selected zipcodes, or there was some unprofessional push-polling going … More after the jump

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Philly Progressives Are Finally Targeting the Correct Power Levers

The optimistic take about last Tuesday’s results is that I won, and lots of people like me won. Philly reform progressives are finally starting to elect like-minded people to the ward system, and you can expect more and more of … More after the jump

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A 30-Year-Old Former Obama Staffer Might Be the Next Ward Leader of Philly’s 30th Ward

I tried to keep my Philly Mag piece on this race pretty balanced – at least as balanced as it could be when one side won’t talk to you – but wearing my committeeperson candidate hat, I will cop to also … More after the jump

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The Environmentalist Case for Philly Wage and Business Tax Reform

Here is a crucial point for Philadelphians who consider themselves environmentalists. The fact that almost 40% (!) of Philadelphians leave the city limits for work every day, mostly via solo-driving, is an absolute disaster for the climate. The more people … More after the jump

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MAP: How to Take Over Your Philadelphia Ward With Write-In Candidates

The city of Philadelphia is not very forthcoming with information about the ward system, and it’s actually surprisingly difficult to get a simple list of Democratic committeepeople in each division. There are supposed to be two Democratic committeepeople in each … More after the jump

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What We Really Need Is Another White Guy From Northeast Philly To Weigh In On These Issues

Said no progressive ever.

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