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What Accountability? Dermocrats Win Despite Inexplicable House Losses

Here’s how this whole caucus leadership thing works, since it looks like no Democrats can play this game. You give somebody a job to do, and if they do a good job, you let them try it again. If they don’t do … More after the jump

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PA Congressional Delegation Total Sausage Party Now

We have to do better.

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Tea Party Garbageman is Your New Shadow Republican Majority Leader

State Senator Jake Corman, who has until just recently put on a more moderate milquetoast public face, was put forth by the right wing nuts as their choice for Senate majority leader, and yesterday the nuts won. But don’t be fooled by his … More after the jump

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Team Sturla

Sorry, gerrymandering does not explain how the House Democrats lost 8 seats when the top of the ticket won by 10 points. Add up all the excuses you think are valid and it still doesn’t get you to an 8-seat … More after the jump

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Lehigh Tea People: Browne and Mensch Have Some ‘Splaining to Do

Members of the local party are upset with Sens. Browne and Mensch for voting against an amendment proposed by Senator Wagner. Wagner’s amendment was in support of “paycheck protection” legislation, which would curtail the ability of labor unions to collect … More after the jump

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What Shall Jim Cawley Do Now?

Continue his excellent work as a top lobbyist and spokesperson for Pennsylvania’s filthiest extractive industries without skipping a beat, probably.

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Tea Party Garbageman: GOP House Leadership Cost Corbett the Election

Quite true: by passing all of his legislative priorities! Thus do we find [Senator Scott] Wagner, who was elected to his first term a week ago today, telling WPHT-AM host Chris Stigall that lapses by the House GOP leadership helped contribute … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Tom Wolf Must Keep His Promise and Do Real Medicaid Expansion

We asked Wolf on Twitter, and he answered in the affirmative: “Yes, as #PAgov I’ll do real Medicaid expansion.”  As health law professor Rob Field says, Wolf can’t exactly just snap his fingers, but he absolutely does have the power … More after the jump

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Map: PA’s 108 Uncontested House Races

Chris Briem: Of the 203 General Assembly seats, 108 of them were uncontested on Tuesday. Literally only one candidate.

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Don’t Carve Philly Out of Uber Legalization

We got pretty close to legalizing Uber X and Lyft-type ride-sharing services this session, but the clock ran out and the fight has been pushed into next year. That’s why it’s so important now that we kill this stupid idea … More after the jump

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