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Simple Answers to Stupid Questions

No. This concludes another edition of Simple Answers to Stupid Questions.

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#PAGov Meltdown: Corbett Campaign Manager Accuses Terry Madonna of “Unfairly Influencing This Election With Bad Polls”

Tom Corbett’s campaign manager Mike Barley got a bit salty on the Twitters earlier because F&M isn’t skewing their polls to favor Republicans, and accuses Terry Madonna of “unfairly influencing this election with bad polls.” Hey Mike, if you want to salve your … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Doing Medicaid the Corbett Way Imposes Hefty Corruption Tax on PA Taxpayers

While it’s certainly great news for the hundreds of thousands of poor and middle class people who no longer need to live in fear that a random accident will destroy their finances all because the Republican Governor wanted to be a … More after the jump

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Poll: Corbett at Lowest Polling Yet Against Wolf

  This race has been boring since the primary ended. Four in five respondents heard the Corbett attack ads and didn’t change their opinion. Corbett’s numbers actually got worse. He peaked against Wolf at 39% in July, and then started tanking … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Republican Poll Confirms Corbett Non-Surge

The surge of Republicans remembering they are Republicans continues! This new Republican-affiliated Magellan poll shows more Republicans are coming home to the Republican nominee for Governor, after flirting with voting for Wolf for a time. Corbett hit bottom around 30% against … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Corbett Ads Taking No Toll on Tom Wolf’s Polling

I bet Larry Ceisler’s been having a fun summer watching PoliticsPA go from being essential political reading to being less essential even than the Morning Call’s basically non-existent politics blog. What the hell yo? Anyway, this was one of the … More after the jump

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What the CBS/NYT poll about Wolf and Corbett ACTUALLY says

There was an uproar among political observers in Pennsylvania over poll analysis posted on PoliticsPA. I’d like to take readers through, point by point, so they may have a better understanding of what the data shows and does not show. … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Wolf Wants to Go Halfsies With Localities on Education Funding

The national average for state share of education funding is 48%. Tom Wolf is proposing taking the state share up to 50%. During the Rendell administration, the state’s share of education funding got up to a high of 44%, and under … More after the jump

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#PAGov: No, the Wolf Organization Isn’t Using the Delaware Loophole

Thomas Fitzgerald cleared this up last week, and now the Wolf campaign has an ad up refuting it. A new attack ad from Gov. Tom Corbett (R) accuses Democratic opponent Tom Wolf of hypocrisy because, it says, his building-products company … More after the jump

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#PABudget: Pension Payments and Tom Wolf’s First Term

Bram Reichbaum is right that Tom Wolf is probably going to have to do…something about pensions. It’s not worth talking about on the campaign trail, but it is time to start tuning in to this issue because pension payments are about … More after the jump

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