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Don’t Carve Philly Out of Uber Legalization

We got pretty close to legalizing Uber X and Lyft-type ride-sharing services this session, but the clock ran out and the fight has been pushed into next year. That’s why it’s so important now that we kill this stupid idea … More after the jump

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#PAGov: “Every Corner of the State”

That’s all, folks! Now make sure to get out there and vote, and drag about ten of your least-likely-to-vote friends out too.

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Gerry Lenfest Won’t Let the Philly Inquirer Make the Most Obvious Endorsement in Pennsylvania History

For the past four years, Philadelphians have gotten an up close and personal look at what happens when a Governor and his party caucus govern like they fucking hate a city. On education particularly, as well as economic development and … More after the jump

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#HD102: Weirdo Republican Russ Diamond Says “Every Cop is a Pig and a Liar” (VIDEO)

This silent saddo treatment that Rep. Russ Diamond is pulling on his wife here is pretty gross and calls his temperament for leadership into question, but it’s the end of the video that’s going to get this guy in huge political trouble:

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#PAGov: Tom Corbett Kept All His Promises and Now PA is Dead Last in Job Growth

Tom Corbett keeps saying that he’s kept all his campaign promises, and that’s true. But when we look at the results of those promises, that’s actually devastating to Corbett’s case for reelection. The story of the last four years is … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Corbett Spreading the Grift Around Ahead of Epic Electoral Flame-out

More like the Electoral Growth Initiative – he wishes! In the weeks before Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial election, incumbent Gov. Corbett is scattering millions in taxpayer dollars to big businesses through his Economic Growth Initiative, a downsized version of the Redevelopment Assistance Capital … More after the jump

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Why You Have to Vote in the Midterms

Jonathan Tamari explains why the House tea people now representing the moderate Southeast PA ‘burbs won’t ever pay a price at the polls: While the focus is on November’s races, critical House contests in the Philadelphia region may have been most influenced by … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Post-Gazette Spotlights the Methane Pollution Issue

The excellent Greg Victor at the Post-Gazette reprinted some of my methane post from the other day in his Cutting Edge column: Center-left environmentalist opinion in this state has generally taken the view that growing natural gas market share can be a … More after the jump

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GOPers Want You to Focus on the One Democrat in the 50+ GOPer Circle Jerk Scandal

Yes, Seamus McCaffrey is a Democrat, yes he was in on the circle jerk porno scandal, but I fear that the sideshow between Ron Castille and McCaffrey has been turned into a purposeful distraction to try to make the masturbation … More after the jump

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Nat Gas Can’t Be a Climate “Bridge Fuel” If We Don’t Control Methane

At this point most of the boxes on my policy wishlist for the Tom Wolf administration have been checked off, which is why I’m mainly using the campaign endgame to talk about an issue where I’m still not a happy … More after the jump

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