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Nat Gas Can’t Be a Climate “Bridge Fuel” If We Don’t Control Methane

At this point most of the boxes on my policy wishlist for the Tom Wolf administration have been checked off, which is why I’m mainly using the campaign endgame to talk about an issue where I’m still not a happy … More after the jump

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Chris Abruzzo Should’ve Resigned for Gross Negligence of His Environmental Protection Duties

It’s too bad it took this office porno ring coming to light to get Tom Corbett’s DEP head Chris Abruzzo to resign, and not the much larger scandal of the Corbett administration’s almost criminal negligence and hostility to environmental protection: Open … More after the jump

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PA Job Growth Still Sucks, But Tom Corbett’s Favorite State Job Search Site Has Plenty of Porno Jobs

These must be the alleged 250,000 job openings he was talking about. Employers are trying to hire, but people just don’t have the skills or something.

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Mid-rise Building in South Bethlehem Drives NIMBYs Insane, But It’s Allowed By-Right

People have been working for decades to turn around Southside Bethlehem and create conditions for reinvestment in the walkable mixed-use areas on 3rd and 4th Streets, and on the Bethlehem Steel brownfield. This has been the complaint forever – Northside, … More after the jump

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Flashback: Former DEP Head Michael Krancer Defended Fake Fracking Water Treatment Practice That Produces Dangerous Toxins

Susan Phillips at StateImpact previews a new peer-reviewed study from the Environmental Science & Technology journal that says it’s not safe to simply process fracking wastewater through municipal water treatment plants: A new study shows how treated wastewater from oil and gas … More after the jump

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Chris Abruzzo and Kevin Harley in the Corbett AG Office Porno Ring

It does seem mighty weird for a bunch of high-level, probably straight-identifying Republican graybeards in the Corbett Attorney General’s office to be sharing their favorite pornos with their colleagues, and giving each other boners at work. One wonders how this ever got … More after the jump

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#PAGov: On Kermit Gosnell, It’s the Republican Restrictionist Policies, Stupid

Any ad suggesting you vote for Tom Corbett is, by its very nature, an ineffective ad and there’s no reason to suspect this nutty ad putting Tom Wolf next to illegal abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell will stick either. Probably the PA GOP paid for this … More after the jump

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#PAGov: What John Micek Should Ask Tom Wolf About in the PennLive Editorial Board Interview

The Democratic primary ended with all of the candidates essentially taking the same stances on natural gas extraction. All of the Democrats supported a moratorium on drilling on public lands, and all supported at least a 5% severance tax, with … More after the jump

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Why the First Debate Didn’t Change Anything About the #PAGov Race

There’s precious little evidence that national Presidential debates have much effect on voting,  so it’s really hard to imagine that a Pennsylvania Governor debate on PCN, watched almost exclusively by partisan political junkies who’ve already made up their minds, will have … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Wolf’s Lead Widens to Almost 60%

A new Quinnipiac poll out today says Tom Corbett is getting “clobbered across the board” with no sign of tightening in the numbers. When that Harper poll came out last week, everybody paid attention to who respondents said they’d vote … More after the jump

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