Susan Corbett’s Six-Page Hand-Written Plea for Money

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If you think those five paragraph fundraising emails asking for $10, $25, or $50 dollars are overly-long and a little pushy, try opening an envelope with six full hand-written pages of personal correspondence asking for $5,000, $3,750, or $2,500.

That’s what many Pennsylvania Republicans received in their mailbox last week, sent to them by Governor Tom Corbett’s wife, Susan.

Keystone Politics was sent a copy of the letter by a Republican source who thought the letter was “desperate, just pathetic.” We’ve uploaded the letter here.

In the letter, Mrs. Corbett begins by explaining how she met Tom and touts his political résumé. Then, she talks about how Corbett spent his first term “improving education” and has “strengthened our education system in Pennsylvania” with his “pro-education” policies, and that “we must support and elect a Governor with the compassion that I’ve seen from my husband.”

“I will continue to stand by my husband,” she added, before asking for a donation of a mere $5,000, $3,750, or $2,500.

The final page of the letter is reserved for your “personal reply” to the First Lady. Your “personal reply,” however, is also hand-written by Mrs. Corbett, who even drew brackets and lines for you to put an “X” beside American Express.

Our Republican source also asked “how much do I have to give to sleep in the Rendell bedroom?”

We suggested sending a hand-written plea.

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8 Responses to Susan Corbett’s Six-Page Hand-Written Plea for Money

  1. Tsuyoshi says:

    It doesn’t look hand-written. It looks like a “handwriting” font. Actually a pretty standard direct mail tactic… use a special font to make it look like the letter wasn’t mass-produced. Typewriter-looking fonts (sometimes with imperfections, to look more authentic) used to be very common in direct mail for the same reason.

    • Lisa says:

      Tsuyoshi is right. Compare individual letters to each other, and you’ll see it’s a font – all the “l”s look exactly the same, all the “s”s, all the “g”s, etc.

  2. Faye north says:

    Bye bye gov Corbett. Worst pa gov ever!

  3. Dear Ms Corbett,
    We are only doing what your husband asked us to do. We are remembering the boy in the shower, and your husbands response to that info. Please remember this, anyone who decides the fate of an innocent man is himself guilty. The only information that the public knew about Joe’s involvement, was the info supplied by the AG Linda Kelly and she said Joe followed the law, was truthful, and was under no further investigation. So your husband sealed Joe’s fate with his remember the boy in the shower. I guess Karma really does have a way of coming around and biting you in the butt.

  4. B A Seidel says:

    I will enjoy seeing Corbett leave us and let us clean up his education “legacy”.

  5. Julieann Wozniak says:

    So is this just greed, or have his corporate owners thrown him over for one of his more loony primary challengers? He’s wasting money on me…I fast forward past his duplicitous adverts.

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