Stack Says He’s as Good as the Gov Candidates, Would Publicly Disagree with Them

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During an interview Wednesday with WITF’s Scott LaMar, lieutenant governor candidate Mike Stack, currently a State Senator, said that he is not only as good as any of the top-of-the-ticket candidates for governor, but that he wouldn’t be shy about publicly disagreeing with his running mate.

Stack began by staking out his claim for the 2nd in command slot, saying that “for a relatively young guy, I believe I have by far the most experience of any of the lieutenant governor candidates.”

Stack went on, however, to claim that he could compete with Tom Wolf, Allyson Schwartz, Rob McCord, and Katie McGinty, saying that “even among the gubernatorial candidates, I would match up my credentials.”

Stack originally entered the 2014 race as a candidate for governor, but later decided to drop down to the #2 position a week after his biggest supporter, Congressman Bob Brady, endorsed Allyson Schwartz for Governor.

Later in the interview, Stack also said that he didn’t see the LG’s role in office as one to carry the banner for the Governor.

“I don’t really believe that your number one mission is to carry out the agenda of the governor,” Stack said.  And when pressed about whether he would he publicly oppose the governor’s policies, Stack said “absolutely… I would disagree publicly.”

Stack justified his position by explaining that “the lieutenant governor runs statewide independently of the gubernatorial candidates,” so he should be entitled to independence in office.

The broadcast will re-air on WITF Harrisburg on Wednesday evening at 7.

Recent polling shows Stack with a narrow lead in the lieutenant governor’s race, polling at 20%. His opponents are former Congressman Mark Critz (polling at 18%), Harrisburg City Councilman Brad Koplinski (9%), Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith (6%), and State Representative Brandon Neuman (5%).

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5 Responses to Stack Says He’s as Good as the Gov Candidates, Would Publicly Disagree with Them

  1. John Harvey says:

    The job of the Lt. Governor is to support the Governor and the Governor’s policies. That is not to say he or she should not be advising the Governor privately. If Stack wants to publicly disagree with the Governor he needs to drop out.

    • Paludicola says:

      I’m not sure that’s the job of the Lieutenant Governor, but that’s because I’m not sure what the Hell the job of the Lieutenant Governor is. Like many other states, the Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor is just the Vice President of the United States with the serial numbers scratched off. The office is an ill-defined, poorly thought-through vestigial appendage of the executive. A Lieutenant Governor committed to publicly disagreeing with the Governor seems likely to be a political liability and general nuisance that serves nothing but the ego and ambition of a jackass.

      The gubernatorial candidate should at least be free to pick a running mate. Ideally the office should be gotten rid of or extensively reformed. Perhaps ‘Lieutenant Governor’ could be an honor with reserve functions, chiefly succession, that the Governor bestows upon a cabinet officer. The Lieutenant Governor could also be redefined as the Governor’s chief administrator, combining the roles of the Secretaries of Administration and the Budget.

  2. John Miller says:

    Those are the comments of a born leader. Kudos to Captain Stack. I serve with him in National Guard. Vote for Stack you can trust this man. Breath of fresh air

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