Planned Parenthood PA Supports the Republican Version of VAWA

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“Even Planned Parenthood supports the Republican version of VAWA.” That’s what Republicans can now say thanks to Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania.

In what was either the worst-researched or most politically reckless mailer of the primary election cycle, Planned Parenthood PA’s political arm sent out a mailer that could end up being more valuable to national Republicans than it was in turning out extra votes.

The mailer (below), which was intended to attack Democratic lieutenant governor candidate and former Congressman Mark Critz, asserted that “Critz voted against the Violence Against Women Act, putting women and family at risk by failing to strengthen and improve existing programs to support victims of rape and sexual abuse.”

PPA mailer

The only problem is that the footnote after their language cites to H.R. 4970, which is the Republican version of VAWA, which Critz did vote against, along with 97% of House Democrats.

Nancy Pelosi, who voted with Mark Critz against H.R. 4970, took to the House floor to explain that the GOP bill provided far fewer protections for domestic violence victims.

The Obama Administration, likewise, joined Critz in opposing the bill, saying that “H.R. 4970 rolls back existing law and removes long-standing protections for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault –crimes that predominately affect women.”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz said at the time that the bill was a GOP attempt to “push a version of VAWA that endangers immigrant women and children, ignores the needs of our native communities, and perpetuates discrimination against LGBT victims. That is why hundreds of victim services organizations oppose this bill, and I stand with them today.” Just like Mark Critz.

And because Planned Parenthood PA accidentally backed the Republican version of the bill, the Democrats’ “war on women” messaging for 2014 is weakened.

Republicans can now say that when Democrats voted against their version of VAWA, Democrats were “putting women and family at risk by failing to strengthen and improve existing programs to support victims of rape and sexual abuse.” Footnote: Planned Parenthood.

The worst part about it is that even Equality PA and PennEnvironment failed to perform even the most basic research into the mailer they signed on to. This is gross negligence by what are supposed to be top-notch liberal issue advocates.

I just hope they didn’t do it on purpose, knowingly contorting a loyal Democrat’s vote for their own purposes.

As liberals, we have to be better than this.

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Jake Sternberger was a contributing writer at Keystone Politics from 2011 to 2014.
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4 Responses to Planned Parenthood PA Supports the Republican Version of VAWA

  1. Seriously. Especially considering that there are legitimate votes they could have mentioned like HR3803 (2012) or HR3 (2011). I wasn’t planning on voting for Critz in any case, but it’s disappointing to see that Planned Parenthood PA didn’t get their research right.

  2. Mary Kay says:

    No wonder they always lose legislatively and politically. Someone should be fired if one Republican uses this against a Democrat. Shoddy work that could come back to haunt Planned Parenthood’s allies. Such a shame our side can’t ever get it together in PA.

  3. Nick Mandalakas says:

    Or the time that funding for Planned Parenthood was presented in a different bill and the Congressman voted against reducing funding.

  4. Central PA Democrat says:

    Planned Parenthood acted exactly like the Tea Party in this attack.

    I am sorry to say this, because I stand for many of the things they support, but they have reminded me more and more of the NRA in the past three years, They have only one answer for everything, and only scorched earth attacks for anyone they deem to be an enemy.

    They have become a liability to Democrats in the precise way the Tea Party has become a liability to the Repubs. Extremism serves no one.