New PA Gov Polling: Harper Says Wolf Leads by 35, F&M Says Wolf Leads by 19

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Pennsylvania’s politicos have been eagerly awaiting new polling in the gubernatorial race, so much so that any further introductory fluff that I’m writing right now will be ignored entirely just to get to the results.

So, in that spirit, here are the headlines from the two polls that were released this morning.

The first poll was conducted by F&M from May 6th through May 12th, and showed Tom Wolf leading his closest competitor Allyson Schwartz 33% to 14%. Rob McCord garnered 9% and Katie McGinty took 5%. A whopping 39% of registered Democrats are still undecided in the race.

May FM poll

Notably, only 8% of voters have an unfavorable opinion of Tom Wolf. That’s up 5% from the last round of polling, likely due to the attack ads released by Schwartz and McCord:

FM favorability

Unfortunately for McCord, his negative ads seem to have had more of an effect on his favorability rating than on Tom Wolf’s—McCord went from only 2% of voters having an unfavorable opinion of him in March up to 14% in May.

Harper Polling also released new numbers today, the full results of which will be made available later in the morning.  The headline numbers show Tom Wolf leading McCord and Schwartz by a whopping 35 points. The Harper Poll ran from May 12th through May 13th.

Harper poll

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