Mark Critz Makes His Geographical Case for Lieutenant Governor

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On the heels of State Senator Mike Stack’s statement that he would publicly disagree with the Democratic Governor if he was elected Lieutenant Governor, former Congressman Mark Critz’s campaign has released a new web video saying there’s only one map to sure victory over Tom Corbett this fall, and it looks like this:

Critz map win

With no gubernatorial candidate hailing from anywhere west of Harrisburg, Critz has been arguing that his name recognition and previous victories in all or parts of 11 southwestern PA counties is exactly what Tom Wolf, Rob McCord, Allyson Schwartz, or Katie McGinty will need to give them the largest margin of victory in November.

The video begins by explaining how Republicans used maps to take over Pennsylvania’s Congressional Delegation even though there are a million more Democrats than there are Republicans in the Keystone State.

Then, the narrator explains why the other candidates just can’t bring balance to the gubernatorial ticket.

“There is a State Senator from Philadelphia, a good man, yes, but there’s not one person who has ever voted for him that wasn’t from Philadelphia and isn’t already voting against Tom Corbett. There is a County Commissioner who serves Bradford County, a good Democrat, yes, but few voters know him. That’s the same for the State Rep. who serves Washington County and the City Councilman from Harrisburg.”

The State Senator mentioned is Mike Stack, the Commissioner is Mark Smith, the State Rep. is Brandon Neuman, and the City Councilman is Brad Koplinski. Voters will determine the Democratic ticket on Tuesday, May 20th.

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One Response to Mark Critz Makes His Geographical Case for Lieutenant Governor

  1. Good thing it’s only a web video. TV viewers eyes would glaze over watching that kind of ad.