Gene Stilp Hilariously Hijacks Entire Pro-Fracking Parade

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Gene Stilp, who is well-known for his zany brand of political media-magnetism, is at it again. Today, he hilariously hijacked an entire 2,000 person parade put on by supporters of the Marcellus shale industry.

Just as the pro-fracking marchers were closing in on the State Capitol Building, Stilp emerged from the sidelines and unveiled a massive sign, reading “TAX THE FRACKERS BEHIND ME.”

Stilp frack

Stilp is running against Republican State Representative Sue Helm in the 104th district.

Stilp parade

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14 Responses to Gene Stilp Hilariously Hijacks Entire Pro-Fracking Parade

  1. How much did they have to pay those 2,000? Were some of them coerced into showing up?

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  3. John Harvey says:

    My question is how many of the 2,000 were from Pennsylvania? I would guess many of them are from Texas and Louisiana.

  4. Julieann Wozniak says:

    I suspect this group is astroturf, like “Friends of Coal,” the industries citizens’ lobbying arm that ordinary citizens can’t join. And I love Gene Stilp!

  5. Observer says:

    Gene was the only unpaid Marcher there!

  6. Millions spent on radio and TV ads by the natural gas industry, millions more spent on lobbyists who push the gas industry’s agenda, thousands spent by the gas industry organizing and planning their rally, hiring their own scary security and bussing in over 2000 people. Gene Stilip leading the march with a sign reading TAX THE FRACKERS BEHIND ME….PRICELESS

    • Jane says:

      I must have watched the video 10x’s in a row..and giggle and giggle every time.. lol..what a GREAT a GREAT GUy!!

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