Bob Guzzardi is Back, and He’s Mad as Hell

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Longtime conservative donor/activist/loudspeaker Bob Guzzardi, who the PA Supreme Court struck from the ballot for governor against Tom Corbett in the Republican primary election, has finally emerged from the shadows and made his gallant return to the PoliticsPA comment section.

Guzzardi collected 2,300 signatures to appear on the Republican ballot, but his failure to file a duplicate copy of his statement of financial interest with the Ethics Commission allowed the PA GOP’s team of election lawyers to quash his long-shot bid and protect Tom Corbett from an embarrassing under-performance in the primary.

Characteristically, Guzzardi came out swinging, saying there is there “is no real reason” to vote for Corbett.

Here’s what Guzzardi had to say:

Tom Corbett (and the Republican General Assembly) imposed the only tax/fee on Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania history. Even Ed Rendell did not impose taxes or fees on Marcellus Shale.

Tom Corbett (and the Republican General Assembly) imposed the largest gas and fuel tax in Pennsylvania history and the largest tax increase in 22 years.

Spending and Debt increased under Corbett and the Republican General Assembly just as they did under the Democrats.

There is no real reason for The Forgotten Taxpayer, who pays for government, to vote Republican.

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3 Responses to Bob Guzzardi is Back, and He’s Mad as Hell

  1. The Texas Railroad Commission collects plenty of taxes from fracking pads (petroleum products move on trains to TRC has jurisdiction over petro interests in the state), and it still charges taxes on fracking higher than what PA does. And last I checked, Texas is not run by pinko-commie tax-hungry libbies.n At least not for the 24 years that I was raised and lived there.

  2. David Diano says:

    Bob is not a serious person. If it were up to Bob, there would be no taxes … nor schools, roads, bridges, snow removal (which you don’t need without roads), public welfare, or any type of functioning government. Instead, we’d all be sitting in caves wondering if rocks were edible.

  3. Jack Malloy says:

    that is a blistering attack. and quite accurate. look for that in a Wolfe commercial. being a businessman, he is more of a Republican than Corbett ever was.