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#PAGov: Starving the Beast With Tom Corbett

Give away $1.2B as tax cuts. Have $1.2B less in revenue. Claim you’re too broke to fund Philly schools. Gov. Corbett and the state legislature have to approve a budget before the end of June. In the meantime, Zogby said … More after the jump

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#PABudget: Subtraction’s Merciless Revenge on Republican Tax Cut Theories

Who could’ve predicted? State Sen. Jake Corman and state Rep. William Adolph, the Republican chairmen of the state House and Senate appropriations committees, said Thursday that Pennsylvania’s May revenue numbers will be as much as $100 million below expectations. That harrowing news … More after the jump

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#PA15: Fix the Debt Gives Fiscal Arsonist Charlie Dent a “Fiscal Hero” Award

One of the reasons Fix the Debt is probably the most evil group in Washington today is that they exist to give political cover to people who don’t deserve it. Here’s a blast from the recent past: You know who … More after the jump

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Philly Progressives Are Finally Targeting the Correct Power Levers

The optimistic take about last Tuesday’s results is that I won, and lots of people like me won. Philly reform progressives are finally starting to elect like-minded people to the ward system, and you can expect more and more of … More after the jump

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#PAGov Shorter Corbett: Giving Me Fancy Presents Helps the Entire State

When a lobbyist gives a black lawmaker a Tiffany bracelet, PA Republicans are scandalized. But when Tom Corbett and his wife get a vacation aboard a businessman’s yacht in Rhode Island, or some sweet New Balance kicks and a dagger … More after the jump

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Planned Parenthood PA Supports the Republican Version of VAWA

“Even Planned Parenthood supports the Republican version of VAWA.” That’s what Republicans can now say thanks to Planned Parenthood Pennsylvania. In what was either the worst-researched or most politically reckless mailer of the primary election cycle, Planned Parenthood PA’s political … More after the jump

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Bob Guzzardi is Back, and He’s Mad as Hell

Longtime conservative donor/activist/loudspeaker Bob Guzzardi, who the PA Supreme Court struck from the ballot for governor against Tom Corbett in the Republican primary election, has finally emerged from the shadows and made his gallant return to the PoliticsPA comment section. … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Less Than a Third of Voters Have Favorable Impression of Corbett

There’s important evidence that asking voters who they expect to win an election is more predictive than asking them who they want to win, and that’s exactly what this new poll from Robert Morris University Polling Institute asks people about … More after the jump

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#PAGov: Tacking to the Center, Tom Corbett Style

1. Admit defeat on two or three minor issues where public opinion is overwhelmingly hostile to the Republican position. 2. Choose not to fight court decision giving you an out on increasingly unpopular opposition to marriage equality. 3. Lift the … More after the jump

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#HD12: “Write-In” Got 45.5% Against Daryl Metcalfe

Well isn’t this delicious: ‘Write in’ wound up with 45.5% of the vote across the district, which seems like an incredibly high result against a long term incumbent, let alone an incumbent who felt secure enough to run for Lieutenant Governor … More after the jump

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