Pennsylvania AFL-CIO endorses Erin McClelland over John Hugya in PA-12

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It’s beginning to look certain that Erin McClelland will coast to a primary election victory over fellow Democrat John Hugya. With a long list of endorsements under her belt, she has achieved the crown jewel of PA-12 backers—the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO.

McClelland was endorsed by the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO during their biennial convention last week in Pittsburgh. The statewide labor federation’s endorsement follows several unanimous recommendations by the local affiliated county labor councils.

“The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO is proud to support Erin McCelland to be the next representative of Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional district,” said President Rick Bloomingdale “Ms. McClelland has the vision and the drive to get things done in Congress that will bring jobs back to Pennsylvania and improve the lives of workers and their families.”

Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder added that “It is time to end the uncertainty and the stagnation. Ms. McClelland will strive to improve economic opportunity and confidence, putting our economy back on more solid footing toward recovery and growth for working people.”

In Democratic PA-12 politics, the PA AFL-CIO has a history of being the kingmaker—or in this case, queenmaker.  In 2012, the efforts undertaken by the AFL-CIO and other labor groups have been largely credited with Mark Critz’s upset victory over Jason Altmire after the two had their districts drawn together.

“I could not be more honored to have the support of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO for my campaign to bring real family values back to Congress,” said McClelland after receiving the endorsement. “My great-grandfather organized for CIO in response to poor working conditions at Pittsburgh Plate & Glass, and it’s an unbelievable honor to carry on the family tradition of fighting for working families.”

With just over a month until the Democratic Primary, McClelland has secured the backing of organized labor, elected officials, and every endorsing county Democratic committee. The winner of the Democratic primary will face freshman GOP Congressman Keith Rothfus.

A full list of McClelland’s endorsements is as follows:

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale, Allegheny County State Representatives Dom Costa, Joe Marksosek, Frank Demody, and Adam Ravenstahl, and Erin Molchany, Beaver County State Representatives Jaret Gibbons and Rob Matzie, Beaver County Commissioner Joe Spanik, Beaver County Commissioner Tony Amadio, Beaver Falls Mayor George Quay, Lawrence County Commissioner Steve Craig, Westmoreland County Commissioner Ted Kopas, Ellwood City Mayor Anthony Court, Beaver County Register of Wills and Clerk of Orphans’ Courts Carol Fiorucci, Lawrence County Council members, Ralph Chippetta and John Todorich, Westmoreland County Democratic Chairman Dante Bertani, Westmoreland County Democratic Committee Executive Director Jesse Walker, the Women’s Campaign Fund, IBEW Local 5, IBEW Local 29, USW Local 1196, the Allegheny County Labor Council, the Beaver County Labor Council, and the Allegheny, Beaver, Cambria, and Westmoreland County Democratic Committees.

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7 Responses to Pennsylvania AFL-CIO endorses Erin McClelland over John Hugya in PA-12

  1. Jake Wannabe a Political Operative says:

    Paid for Jake strikes again. A half ass law students who does “comms and oppo”. Been writing since all of 2011 and making up crap for his own narrative. This isn’t reporting. It’s a law student with way too much time and that little experience in politics.

    • Dick Smith says:

      I think that is a little unfair. I’m a good Democrat, probably a little more conservative than Jake, but I think his analysis has always been solid and unbiased. I’ve been a John Hugya fan for many years, but frankly he has not run a very good campaign. If Erin wins this race, it is because she outworked him.

      • Mike says:

        Erin McClelland has worked hard and earned everything she got. She will have a hard time beating Rothfus, but she has a shot with her drive and ability to get people to believe in her.

        I am trying to remember where Jason Altmire was at this point in his campaign against Melissa Hart. She was once considered as unbeatable as Keith Rothfus is now.

        I met John Hugya on one of his very, very few trips outside of the Johnstown area. He may have been a great man at one time, but I think it is time for him to retire. Those of us who don’t live around Johnstown and didn’t know him in his prime will remember him as some fool which is kind of a shame.

      • John Hugya seems like a good guy, but he’s 80 years old. We need somebody who’s going to be able to stick around for a while and represent average families. Rothfus is only concerned with the richest 2% in the 12th district — he thinks we should be dependent on the unelected wealthy.

  2. Larry Stiles says:

    John Hugya is for you the voters of Western Pa, not Wall Street, not Washington eite Republican interest, ideologies and not big money interest. Col. Hugya needs no training. Mr. Rothfus New Leadership Is Coming! – John Hugya for Congress.
    Ideologies either on the right or on the left get this country into trouble. ….President Bill

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