F&M Poll: 17% of Respondents Have Seen #PAGov Commercials That Don’t Exist

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There’s sure to be a lot of headlines today about Franklin and Marshall’s most recent poll showing Tom Wolf maintaining his strong lead in the gubernatorial race.

FM poll

However, I’d like to point readers to a different result from the poll that shows up way further down in the survey results—namely the fact that 17% of the registered Democrats surveyed claim to have seen television commercials that simply don’t exist.

FM tv ad

That’s right, friends. When asked “Which candidate’s commercials have you seen,” 7% of respondents said that they saw commercials from Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz and 10% said they saw commercials from an “other candidate” besides Wolf, McCord, and McGinty.

The only problem is that Allyson Schwartz has not yet gone on television in any media market, and no other already-dropped-out candidate has been on TV either.

Which means that, well, 17% of the registered Dems surveyed either aren’t paying any attention or are suffering from political schizophrenia.

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2 Responses to F&M Poll: 17% of Respondents Have Seen #PAGov Commercials That Don’t Exist

  1. BRW says:

    Funny post, but do you really need to use schizophrenia as a punch line? Serious illness that isn’t funny to people battling it…

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