Paterno Drops Lt. Gov. Bid

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In the face of a legal challenge to his nomination petitions, Jay Paterno, son of Penn State legend Joe Paterno, is dropping his bid for lieutenant governor.

“This afternoon I am announcing my intent to withdraw from the Lt. Governor’s race,” Paterno said. “Over the past twenty-four hours in talking with attorneys it has become clear that the ballot challenge could be a long process with potential decisions and appeals carrying beyond Monday’s hearing.”

Paterno’s full statement is below:

With less than two months remaining before the primary I do not want an ongoing legal back and forth to be a distraction in this race. The outcome of this election is too important for the future of the working families and all the people of this Commonwealth.

While I have always believed that you fight for what is right, there are times in life when personal ambitions should give way for the good of the whole. To that end I am stepping away. It is my hope that a focus on a thorough airing of the issues allows the best Democratic candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor to lead us into November.

I thank everyone who has supported our campaign. I know we entered this race late and I alone bear responsibility for that and for any shortcomings in our efforts.

As I have stated at every campaign stop I would be honored to be the nominee, but if I fell short of that goal, I would work hard to help the Governor and Lt. Governor nominees win the election in November. That has not changed. I will continue to advocate for the issues of Education, Employment and Equality that we all feel passionately about in any way I can contribute.

The remaining candidates include former Congressman Mark Critz, Harrisburg City Councilman Brad Koplinski, State Senator Mike Stack, State Representative Brandon Neuman, and Bradford County Commissioner Mark Smith.

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5 Responses to Paterno Drops Lt. Gov. Bid

  1. Sounds like his lawyer(s) told him he’d get tossed off the ballot. Pretty rough for the guy who was supposed to be the frontrunner according to the poll you previously posted.

  2. Harlowe Lee says:

    This guys a liar. Go away and for the love of God STAY AWAYYYYY

  3. jack malloy says:

    good riddance.

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  5. phillydem says:

    What exactly did Koplinski accomplish with his challenge that knocked JayPa off the ballot?
    Koplinski has no name recognition and no money with which to rectify the former. All he did was ensure a conservaDem, Critz, is going to win the Dem LtGuv nomination.