Entire Allegheny County State House Delegation in PA-12 Backs Erin McClelland

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Last week, Erin McClelland won the Allegheny County Democratic Committee endorsement vote over Democratic primary opponent John Hugya in a 125-18 landslide. Now, all four Allegheny Democratic State Representatives in the 12th district are endorsing her too.

Rep. Dom Costa (HD-21), Rep. Frank Dermody (HD-33), Rep. Adam Ravenstahl (HD-20), and Rep. Joe Markosek (HD-25) all announced this morning that they will be backing McClelland.

Paired with McClelland’s endorsements from organized labor and other elected officials across the district, McClelland’s campaign is now describing her as the consensus candidate to take on freshman Republican Congressman Keith Rothfus.

“I’ve seen a lot of great candidates run for office in my years of public service, but I’ve never seen anyone with Erin’s combination of energy, knowledge of the issues, and willingness to listen,” said Rep. Costa, the chair of the Allegheny County Democratic Delegation. “That’s why I’m endorsing her today, and why I’m proud to join this coalition I’m confident can win in November.”

“Folks in Washington tend to forget about places like the Allegheny Valley,” said Minority Leader Rep. Frank Dermody. “Erin’s from here, she’s one of us, and she knows the struggles of working families. Here in the Valley, we care more about getting a job done than finding someone to blame for our problems. I’m confident that come November, the voters will do the right thing and elect Erin McClelland.”

In response to this latest round of endorsements, McClelland remained focused on the road ahead.

“It’s a tremendous honor to be endorsed by statesmen who have done such a terrific job serving the people of Allegheny County,” she said. “We’ve got a long way to go until November, but I know that with this coalition of activists, organized labor, and elected officials, we can win back this district.”

“I spend my day talking with working people across the district, and they’ve had enough of this Congress that cares more about finding someone to blame than finding a solution,” McClelland added. “I know we can do better.”

Erin McClelland also has the support of the following organizations, elected officials, and party leaders:

State Representative Erin Molchany (Allegheny), State Representatives Jaret Gibbons (HD-10), Rob Matzie (HD-16), Beaver County Commissioner Joe Spanik, Beaver County Commissioner Tony Amadio, Beaver Falls Mayor George Quay, Lawrence County Commissioner Steve Craig, Westmoreland County Commissioner Ted Kopas, Ellwood City Mayor Anthony Court, Beaver County Register of Wills and Clerk of Orphans’ Courts Carol Fiorucci, Lawrence County Council members, Ralph Chippetta and John Todorich, Westmoreland County Democratic Chairman Dante Bertani, Westmoreland County Democratic Committee Executive Director Jesse Walker, the Women’s Campaign Fund, IBEW Local 5, IBEW Local 29, USW Local 1196, and the Allegheny County Labor Council.

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  1. mike pollice says:

    together we stand and rid ourselves of the

  2. Sean Kitchen says:

    Now it’s time for Dermody, Markosek, Ravenstal and others to support Molchany out there…

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