Corbett Campaign Shamelessly Politicizes the Pope

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Pope Francis is a pretty popular guy. Governor Corbett—not so much.  So it’s no surprise that Corbett has been touting his visit to the Vatican for what was expected to be a private audience with the Pope to invite him to Philadelphia for the Eighth World Meeting of the Families next year.

Unfortunately for the Governor’s delegation, which included Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, they only got six minutes of face time with Francis, far less than the 45 minutes that the Governor said he anticipated.

While it’s a shame that the Governor didn’t get to give his full papal pitch, it is just plain shameful what his campaign team did next.  Corbett’s political team sent out a campaign email asking supporters to follow a hyperlink to “help bring Pope Francis to Philadelphia.”

Corbett Pope email

Corbett campaign email sent 3/26/2014

However, the hyperlink leads to Corbett’s campaign website where petition signers are asked to volunteer for the Corbett campaign.

Corbett pope volunteer

Screenshot from accessed 3:25 p.m. (red circle added for emphasis)

That’s right, Governor Corbett is using the Pope as a political bait and switch. It doesn’t get much more desperate than that.

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2 Responses to Corbett Campaign Shamelessly Politicizes the Pope

  1. Tim Potts says:

    This is the Republican standard-bearer. What did you expect?

  2. Julieann Wozniak says:

    My Catholic self ain’t buyin’ this dog and pony show. See, I believe strongly in social justice…just like the Holy Father. He wants my vote, he needs to stop being a cafeteria Catholic and divorce himself from the Tea Party’s irrational and disgusting hatred of poor people. Try accepting the Medicaid expansion without the right-wing sweeteners. And restore education funding.