Steelworkers Endorse Mark Critz for Lieutenant Governor

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In every campaign that former-Congressman Mark Critz has run, he has always had organized labor by his side. Now that he’s running for Lieutenant Governor, it looks like he will be able to rely on strong union support yet again.

Today, the United Steelworkers became the first labor union to endorse Critz in his 2014 bid:

“We are pleased to announce the USW’s support for Mark Critz as Lieutenant Governor. The USW worked with Critz when he represented southwestern Pennsylvania in the U.S. House of Representatives, and we’re proud to endorse him again.

During his time in Congress, Critz demonstrated his commitment to manufacturing and family-sustaining jobs. When Critz’s district was redrawn, the middle class lost a reliable ally in Washington, but now he has a chance to once again serve the hard-working people of Pennsylvania.

Critz knows the value of work and has a proven track record of backing industrial policies that create good-paying American jobs. The USW stands firmly behind Critz and his promise to stand up for working men and women in Pennsylvania.”

Steelworkers critz

USW political director Tim Waters tweets his excitement about the endorsement

During Critz’s contested 2012 Democratic primary with former-Congressman Jason Altmire, 192 USW and other union members made 32,345 calls and knocked on 5,211 doors in Allegheny, Beaver and Cambria counties in the last 36 hours leading up to the election.

Because of union support, Critz was able to narrowly edge out Altmire in the primary. If USW can replicate those numbers statewide in the 2014 lieutenant governor primary, Critz will have a distinct grassroots advantage.

“I am proud to once again receive the support of the United Steelworkers as I have in all my other campaigns,” Critz said. “Creating jobs and strengthening the middle class were my number one priority in Congress and that will remain the case should I be fortunate to serve as Lieutenant Governor.”

The USW represents about 850,000 workers in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean in a wide variety of industries, ranging from glassmaking to mining, steel, oil, paper, tire and rubber to the public sector, service and health care industries.

Mark Critz and his wife, Nancy, a speech pathologist in the Greater Johnstown School District, live in Johnstown with their twin children.

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8 Responses to Steelworkers Endorse Mark Critz for Lieutenant Governor

  1. York Dem Woman says:

    The comment in that tweet is absolutely ridiculous. The far right wing craziness? How about endorsing a candidate who thinks it is normal or ok to make jokes about women getting raped. I guess the War on Women starts at home this election.

    • Lancaster Woman Dem says:

      Need to support a candidate who has broad appeal and will grow PA’s economy.

      Dwelling on a gaffe by one of our candidates is diminishing our party.

      • Jon Geeting says:

        He’s also a bad candidate on the actually issues, in my opinion.

      • Critz is the one diminishing the party by thinking it’s okay to make rape jokes and voting against important Democratic priorities.

        • Concerned Pennsylvanian says:

          The man lost his seat because of his support of Obamacare. He is right on many issues including education, supporting the elderly and the middle class, taxing businesses who offshore jobs and other issues.

          And please don’t hand the Republicans an issue to use to get Corbett re-elected, namely that Dems will force the rest of the state to bail out Harrisburg.

          • Jon Geeting says:

            There are some baseline Democratic positions there yes, but on the whole he is very conservative and we just don’t actually need to nominate a conservative Lt. Governor candidate to win. There’s no reason we can’t win with a liberal.

            Brad Koplinski is one of the good guys, and one of the only politicians I know who understands what state government needs to do to help municipal government. That is an important function of the Lt. Governor’s office and we’ve heard nothing about these issues from any of the other Lt. Gov. candidates. Not nominating Brad because we’re scared of some dumb talking points would be ridiculous.

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