PA Republicans attack Allyson Schwartz for something Sarah Palin did

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Recently, the Pennsylvania Republican Party released a web video attacking Democratic gubernatorial candidate Allyson Schwartz’s proposed 5% extraction tax on Marcellus shale natural gas drilling to fund transportation and education programs.

The video’s narrator says that “radical liberal Allyson Schwartz is calling for a massive tax increase on Pennsylvania natural gas, which would put a dagger right in the heart of our natural gas industry and kill critical Pennsylvania jobs.”

Governor Corbett’s campaign manager Mike Barley then released a statement criticizing the extraction tax plan, saying that Schwartz “has been a tireless supporter of the extreme, left-wing policies of President Obama and Nancy Pelosi.”

But aside from Obama and Pelosi, the Corbett campaign forgot to include at least one more extreme, left-wing tax-and-spender on their list—Sarah Palin.

Yes, that Sarah Palin, who raised taxes on oil companies while governor of Alaska and sent the extra revenue back to the people of the state.

According to PolitiFact, over the course of 2007 Governor Palin fought to raise taxes on oil companies because “the state wasn’t getting its share of the windfall.” So, Palin “pushed for a law that raised taxes on oil profits to 25 percent from 22.5, winning passage in the State Legislature in November 2007,” which led to a $1.6-billion annual increase for the state.

Then, Palin pushed for a measure “to return state surplus revenue back to residents,” and “the Alaska Legislature approved a measure she promoted that would send $1,200 to every Alaskan who qualifies.” According to PolitiFact, “that comes to about $741-million for state residents, out of an estimated $2.7-billion in increased oil taxes and royalties.”

The PA GOP and the Corbett campaign are criticizing Allyson Schwartz for wanting the same fair deal that Sarah Palin wanted for Alaskan taxpayers. These guys either have the memory of a goldfish or have grown so conservative that Sarah Palin looks like a liberal.

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6 Responses to PA Republicans attack Allyson Schwartz for something Sarah Palin did

  1. The difference is Allyson isn’t going to give anything back to the residents of the State.

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  3. KatiePierce says:

    No, at least Allyson’s plan directs the money to things that alleviate the tax burden of the citizens of PA. Sarah Palin just lined the pockets of the citizens (socialism) and continued to accept Federal money. What SP did in Alaska was completely unprecedented – taxing the state’s largest private corporations (their biggest employer and largest source of income is the US government) – solely to give money away to everyone. If any Democrat had tried that the GOP would be screaming socialism or communism.

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  5. alaskanforever. says:

    And then Gov Parnell lowered the taxes on oil…………by the way, we were receiving this Permanent Fund Dividend from oil taxes way before Palin came on the scene.