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Worst Democrat Ever Matt Croslis Endorses Wingnut Scott Ott for Lehigh County Executive

Shorter Matt Croslis: Derp. No clue. Derp. “My goal as County Executive was to be transparent and collaborative in an effort to put people before politics. I believe this approach has been successful in large part because of the working … More after the jump

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Minimum Winning Coalitions, Councilmanic Prerogative, and the Philly Land Bank

Over at Next City I bring the political theory on Councilmanic Prerogative and the land bank: In his 1989 essay “Why Parties?,” political scientist Thomas Schwartz proposed a theory of how party behavior could originate in a three-person legislature. He … More after the jump

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How Blogging Works

Support for expanding Social Security is a big litmus test for us in the 2014 primaries, and I’m happy to tease that 13th District candidate Valerie Arkoosh will endorse this idea, at least in concept, in a yet-to-be-transcribed interview with … More after the jump

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How to Fix Philly’s Registered Community Organization Process

As Jared Brey explains, Registered Community Organization status gets you diddly squat. You get notices for zoning change applications, and you get a meeting with the project developer. That’s it. A recent Jannie Blackwell joint loosened the new zoning code’s … More after the jump

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Rep. Mike Schlossberg: Lehigh County Could Become a Tea Party Laboratory

(The following guest op-ed comes to us from Rep. Mike Schlossberg of Allentown’s 132nd House District) I’m petrified about what is happening in Lehigh County, a swing county and one of Pennsylvania’s most populous counties. Tea Party extremists like Scott Ott have … More after the jump

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PA GOP trolls Schwartz over ObamaCare section of website, Schwartz bites, removes entire page

On Tuesday morning, The Pennsylvania Republican Party sent out a preposterous press release demanding that Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz update the Affordable Care Act section of her Congressional website by removing the phrase “If you already have health coverage you like, … More after the jump

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Rothenberg: #PAGov Now Leans Democratic

We’re still very far away from the 2014 election so don’t get complacent, but political prognosticator Stu Rothenberg has now upgraded the PA Governor race to Lean Democrat from Toss Up/Tilt Democrat. Rothenberg thinks Allyson Schwartz is the weakest general … More after the jump

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Rob McCord Slaps Corbett for Wasting Millions on Lottery Privatization Plan

I’m not sure this is a voting issue for too many Democratic primary voters, but it is an issue that falls within McCord’s jurisdiction as Treasurer, and it’s a way for the former businessman to flash some anti-corporatist bona fides … More after the jump

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Stiles: Rothfus would let Johnstown drown on a matter of principle

Congressman Keith Rothfus (R-PA12) is proposing a disaster spending bill to examine how much money the federal government spends on disaster assistance, and his Republican primary election opponent Larry Stiles is accusing Rothfus of being willing to let storm victims … More after the jump

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Land Bank and Land Value Tax: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together

In the medium run we really need an amendment to the Philadelphia Home Rule charter transferring the power to sell city-owned properties from City Council to the Mayor’s office. That would be an excellent way to weaken Councilmanic Prerogative – … More after the jump

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