CorbettCare Reaction Roundup from Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates

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Want to know what each Democratic gubernatorial candidate had to say about Governor Corbett’s “Healthy PA” Medicaid expansion plan? Look no further. Here’s a roundup of what they each had to say, posted in the order we received them:

Katie McGinty

Tom Corbett’s ‘Healthy PA’ plan is a poison pill for Pennsylvanians neediest families.

Instead of embracing Medicaid expansion like so many other Republican governors, Tom Corbett is standing fast to his rigid ideology to deny health-care coverage to Pennsylvania’s uninsured residents.

Corbett’s plan does little to reassure families with children. CHIP enrollment has dropped by 7,700 children in the last two years, and the governor’s new plan creates even more barriers to access by limiting enrollment and paring back benefits for some of our neediest kids.

Bottom-line: There’s less protection for those truly in need — elderly residents, women and children, the working poor.

Tom Corbett has dragged his feet on Medicaid expansion for years. And now, he’s advancing a plan that will drag down Pennsylvania’s economic and social well-being.

John Hanger

Corbett is trying to kick the Medicaid issue past next year’s election, just as he did the Sandusky investigation during the last cycle. Pennsylvania voters are tired of Corbett’s ‘Hail Mary passes’ and bungling attempts to play politics.

The governor’s plan includes poison pills that he knows full well will be turned down by the federal government – shoveling taxpayer money to private insurers and requiring a monthly premium co-pay and a work requirement.

The only thing this plan will ensure is more suffering next year. I do not know how the governor can sleep at night knowing that his action will result in untreated illness and unnecessary death because of delayed medical treatment for the uninsured. Calling this plan ‘Healthy Pennsylvania’ would make George Orwell blush.

Rob McCord

Applauding Tom Corbett for finally recognizing the need to expand health care coverage in Pennsylvania is like patting an arsonist on the back for putting out the fire he started.

During Tom Corbett’s first term, we saw him illegally eliminate adultBasic Care, effectively eliminating coverage for 40,000 Pennsylvanians with jobs who couldn’t afford private health care. That’s the same adultBasic program that was funded by tobacco settlement money, not taxpayer money, by the way.

Then we saw him expel nearly 90,000 children from the Medicaid roles in just six months. And now he wants us to trust him to implement a program to help the very same people he’s been hurting for the last three years?  It should be obvious that he didn’t even want to participate in an effort to expand coverage until he made a political calculation.

So on behalf of every Pennsylvania family that’s seen life get harder instead of easier under Tom Corbett, I say we can do better than his ineptitude and bungling when it comes to health care.

Mike Stack

CorbettCare is just another example of Tom Corbett’s extreme agenda. I have and will continue to be a leading voice on the issue of health-care access and affordability. I would like echo the statement that I released yesterday with Senators Costa, Kitchen, and Hughes by saying we need to work expeditiously on expanding our current Medicaid program so that additional Pennsylvanians, like in many other states, have access to health insurance on January 1st.

The Medicaid expansion plan that I voted for in July and pushed by Senate Democrats will save $400 million a year for the Commonwealth, provide insurance to over 600,000 people, and create 35,000 jobs.

Tom Wolf

For months I have talked about the need to expand Medicaid in Pennsylvania. Today’s announcement is another Harrisburg game from Governor Corbett that puts political posturing over people and raises more questions than it answers.

How is giving private insurance companies a cut of the money and providing fewer benefits to working families at the same cost to the taxpayers a better deal for Pennsylvania? That doesn’t seem to add up.

If Governor Corbett truly cared about helping working Pennsylvanians, he would follow New Jersey’s example and expand Medicaid coverage without delay. Doing so would insure half-a-million residents, create good-paying jobs, and pump millions in our state’s economy.


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