Charlie Dent Voted for the Shutdown Bill That Started It All

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Here’s Jed Lewison with a reality check of what Charlie Dent’s position actually is. Dent continues to say he’s for defunding Obamacare, he just doesn’t think that Republicans will benefit politically now if the shutdown happens. But don’t forget that he voted for the shutdown bill that created this monster. He’s hardly going to be blameless when John Boehner bows to the tea people later tonight:

Each of these Republicans clearly understands that shutting down the government to extort concessions on Obamacare is the wrong thing to do, but each of them nonetheless voted in favor of doing exactly that when they supported the House GOP’s plan fund government for two months while delaying Obamacare for a year.

If these guys want to be seen as anything less than complete hypocrites, they need to reverse course and agree to approve a clean funding bill. Charlie Dent, one of the members of Congress listed above, told Greg Sargent that if such a bill came before the House, it would pass, but the fact that it would pass is something that everybody already knows. The question is whether such a vote will come up, and the guys who are speaking out against a shutdown while voting for it are the people who will ultimately decide whether that happens.

If it there isn’t a vote on a clean funding bill and the government does shut down, these guys will look worse than the tea partiers in Congress, because at least the tea partiers have the decency to admit they are nihilistic political hostage-takers.

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3 Responses to Charlie Dent Voted for the Shutdown Bill That Started It All

  1. chasholman says:

    I dedicate this song to the Tea Party boy’s down there in Congress who forgot they were only out to destroy big government and not everyone else in between.

    “watch out, you might get what you wanted……’

  2. Tom says:

    Remember how Charlie Dent voted on November 4, 2014.

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