Rep. Tom Marino says Congress should form a Watergate-like special committee and indict the President

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Two-term GOP Congressman Tom Marino yesterday announced his plans to pursue civil and criminal charges against President Obama over ObamaCare. What, specifically, has Marino so up in arms? The Lycoming County Republican is upset over President Obama’s decision to delay the requirement under the Affordable Care Act that businesses with 50 or more workers provide health insurance to their employees.

According to Marino, if the “President decides to break the law because he doesn’t like it, there has to be another mechanism by which we in Congress can kick into gear, pursue this, see if there are criminal charges we can file.”

Marino, a former U.S. attorney, chose “94.3 The Talker” in Scranton as his venue for letting the world know of his intention to gather up any other Republican Congressmen who are also former prosecutors and have them “meet with me in a brainstorming discussion to go over what I think the law allows Congress to do.”

That’s right, they’re brainstorming.

Then, he plans to have his group of GOProsecutors “approach leadership and say we need to appoint a special committee like there was in Watergate that has authority to subpoena people, that has authority to investigate; and, I’m looking for a part of a statute that says we have the authority to indict.”

To summarize Marino’s argument: President Obama is breaking the law. We’re not sure exactly how. But don’t worry, we’re brainstorming. But first, before figuring out which law he broke, I’m looking for a different law that says I can indict that commie fascist.

Legal inventiveness aside, it is extremely odd that a Republican Congressman would choose to try and indict President Obama for NOT enforcing ObamaCare. But Marino’s motives became clearer near the end of the interview. It turns out that Marino thinks President Obama isn’t just a law-breaker, but a terrible person.

“We’re beyond the point of showing that he’s incompetent. He’s no leader. He really doesn’t care about where this country’s going unless it’s his plan,” said Marino.

Democrats can only hope that Marino chooses to blunder forward with his plan. As the Clinton impeachment showed, the public smells bullshit when it’s right in front of them. Just as President Clinton’s approval rating rose while Republicans went on a wasteful witch hunt, President Obama can only benefit from fringe Tea Partiers trying to take him into criminal court for violating laws they have not yet found.

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3 Responses to Rep. Tom Marino says Congress should form a Watergate-like special committee and indict the President

  1. Julieann Wozniak says:

    For what? Being President while black? Which is precisely the issue among right-wing nutters.

  2. Sandy Johnston says:

    It’s about time! There are so many scandals that make Watergate look like a Saturday cartoon, where does one start? Hooray for Rep. Marino! This should have started long, long ago.

    • Laurie Manns-Ostach says:

      Obama and his administration need to be held accountable! They think they can do whatever they want, and won’t be held accountable. I am so tired of this administration
      I didn’t vote for this corrupt administration!

      .Congressman Marino you have my full support.