Corbett’s first re-election ad exposed

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Well, it took all of one hour for Governor Corbett’s first re-election ad to be exposed for what it was: lazily recycled stock footage supported by special interest citations.

Watch the ad, then read what the Pennsylvania Democratic Party found after closer inspection:

Today, Tom Corbett’s campaign released a web ad, his first for the 2014 campaign, but from the looks of it, his advertising firm BrabenderCox didn’t invest much time in their client, maybe with anticipation that he’d soon drop out of the race.

The ad recycles 2010 footage and uses a litany of stock video. It cites a headline from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, giving the impression that the newspaper’s editorial department produced the piece, when instead it was an op-ed written by a special interest group.

The only other positive citation they could find was from a pro-business special interest group with deep connections to the governor, who also happen to be donors.

With Gov. Corbett’s approval rating stuck in the 30s and rampant rumors that Republicans are searching for another candidate, it looks like Tom Corbett’s consultants aren’t even putting in much effort in his reelection effort.

Brabender Cox usually cuts some seriously solid ads. The fact that this is all they could do with Governor Corbett’s record speaks volumes.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie McGinty was the first candidate to respond to Corbett’s ad.

Her spokesman Mike Mikus said “A political ad highlighting jobs by a Governor who drove Pennsylvania from 7th to 46th in the nation in job growth would be comical if it weren’t for the Pennsylvanians who can’t find a job because of Tom Corbett’s policies.”

“We need a governor who will be thinking everyday about job creation–not just when reviewing a TV script for his re-election campaign,” added Mikus.

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