Tom Corbett Is Focused On the Wrong Economic Problem

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You can’t fix the economy if you don’t understand the problems correctly. Tom Corbett’s focused on fake problems like “skills mismatch” and drugged out hippies, when the actual problem with PA’s economy is too few job openings. There’s 1 job opening for every 3 people looking for a job. Fix that problem and the others will take care of themselves.

Alfred Lubrano:

Overall, Drexel’s Harrington said he has found in his research, 75 percent of unemployment in Pennsylvania is linked to the “job deficit”: There aren’t enough openings. He estimated that 25 percent is due to factors such as employees lacking requisite skills, proving undependable – or having drug and alcohol problems.

The nationwide rate of workers testing positive for drugs declined between 1988 and mid-2012 from nearly 14 percent to about 4, according to Quest Diagnostics, a leading provider of drug and medical tests.

The reason: fear of drug testing, Quest officials said.

In Pennsylvania, the rate for workers testing positive for drugs is 3.8 percent, compared with the overall U.S. workforce figure of 4.1 percent, they said.

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