Linda Thompson is Out of Her Mind

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Hoo boy! If this is what the straight news articles on Linda Thompson are like these days, Dan Miller might not even need to spend money on negative ads:

So who is running the Thompson campaign?

That’s anybody’s guess […]

There was no response to emails sent to the mayor.

A call to the mayor’s campaign office asking who was in charge resulted in a volunteer saying, “You have to talk to the mayor.” The campaign volunteer did not, however, have any suggestions as to how one might actually do that.

If money was the issue in Sidella’s departure, it would be Thompson’s issue as political consultants in off election years are rarely inclined to be choosy. Thompson’s end-of-year campaign finance return showed a balance of more than $10,000 – well behind Dan Miller’s more than $18,000, but still nothing to sneeze at.

If money wasn’t the issue, the news is likely worse for the campaign, because it suggests Thompson either couldn’t get along with – or refused to take direction from – her experts.

The perception that Thompson cannot get along with people is her political Achilles heel. Most of her executive staff left within a year of her taking office, and a number of them subsequently went public about their reasons, saying she was delusional, combative and unwilling to accept counsel and advice.

(via Donald Gilliland)

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