Josh Kruger: Controller’s Office Staff Doing Political Work for Alan Butkovitz

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Former Butkovitz associates and colleagues dish to Josh Kruger. If true, this is a huge deal:

“He just hires people to go out and campaign and get votes for him,” says “Leroy,” a source with intimate knowledge of Butkovitz’s administrative management of the Controller’s office. “What Alan does is promise ward leaders and political people who can drum up votes on election day that he’ll hire their kids. He wastes over a million dollars a year of taxpayer money on people who work for him two days out of every week for explicitly political purposes.”

Another individual formerly close to Butkovitz, I’ll call her Debbie, confirmed this individual’s experience. “Bill Rubin, who lost an election for city council, now works for Alan. While he’s on the clock for the Controller’s Office, all he does is call people who voted for him in his run and tell them, now, to vote for Alan. He also follows Alan around on the campaign trail as a public employee, and Rubin actually tweets about it and posts stuff on Facebook about it, too. Rubin earns $73,000 a year from the city to do this,” Debbie wrote to me and showed me the evidence. Frankly, it was shocking.

“There are numerous jobs that Alan sold to ward leaders. The ward leaders help Alan get votes, and Alan gives jobs to their kids. Tameika Jordan is the daughter of Willie Jordan, and got a clerical job and even just got a $5,000 raise in exchange for Jordan’s endorsement,” Debbie goes on. “Dwayne Stewart is the son of Al Stewart, and Dwayne’s job as ‘fraud investigator’ was exchange for Al Stewart’s political support. Dwayne was hired as a Fraud Investigator without any experience, credentials, or college education,” Debbie says.

Most interestingly, Debbie and Leroy have no connection to each other whatsoever. Instead, they’ve both independently reached out to me to bring to light Butkovitz’s continued corruption and dereliction of duty as the city’s chief auditing officer.

“I’ve never seen anything corrupt as this guy in twenty years of working for the city,” adds Leroy. And what about former Controller Jonathan Saidel, someone Leroy knows closely? “Saidel hates Butkovitz. Butkovitz ruined the office, all the good stuff that Saidel built for years has been destroyed by Alan.” When I heard this, I started to make sense of why Mayor Michael Nutter and every good government Philadelphian was seemingly in allegiance, whether publicly or privately, against Butkovitz.

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7 Responses to Josh Kruger: Controller’s Office Staff Doing Political Work for Alan Butkovitz

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  2. Marc Stier says:

    Yes, Bill Rubin is on Facebook talking about Butkovitz’s campaign events. But he’s doing that in the evening. During the day, he’s reporting on Butkovitz’s statements at City Council and other public meetings where Butkovitz is performing the duties of controller. I don’t see anything inappropriate about that.

    And if this information is wrong, why should I believe anything else in this article?

  3. Josh Kruger says:

    How is that wrong? I talk about how he does both off and on the clock. You either need a reading comprehension course in remedial English or you’re just engaging in a straw man logical fallacy against what I’ve written; why should you believe it? Because I have a lot more source documents than I printed here.

    Why would I reveal everything I had in one single post? Golly, you must be terrible in bed if you get that excited that quickly.

    • Jon says:

      Hey Josh, little harsh man. Marc’s one of the good guys. I trust you’ve got more dirt, but you can’t fault people for skepticism until then.

  4. Constance M Tomlin says:

    Until we rid our Government of politics by assuring that elected officials get the message that politics is what you do to get elected to office. After the election, they are
    government employees (as evidenced by the taxpayer supported pensions they receive for their service) subject to Civil Service guidelines in the performance of their positions and accountable for their actions. Blurring the lines in this manner does nothing but cause suspicions concerning their conduct in these positions. Hiring unqualified personnel is totally unacceptable and a waste of tax dollars allocated to perform the necessary functions of these positions and should not be tolerated on any level of Government.

  5. Marc Stier says:

    Josh, if there is substantial evidence to support what you have been writing, you have an obligation to reveal it publicly and turn it over to the District Attorney and the US Attorney because you are accusing Alan Butkovitz of serious violations of the law and doing it in the run up to an important election in which many people have not decided how to vote. (And others of us, who lean one way or another, have not publicly endorsed anyone in large part because we are troubled by many things we have see in the campaign, including the accusations you have made.)

    To make a series of charges while not presenting the evidence you have for them is both unfair to Alan Butkovitz and undermines your own credibility. We have an ugly history in this country of people attacking politicians while holding up a piece of paper that, they say, contains the evidence to support. Far too often, that piece of paper has turned out to be blank. I assume you don’t want to be part of that tradition. So I encourage you to put the evidence you have out on the table ASAP.

  6. Marc Stier says:

    And, in response to your utterly gratuitous remarks about reading comprehension: you claimed that Bill Rubin is working for the Butkovitz campaign while “on the clock.” There is no evidence that this is true. His campaign related posts appear to have all been done after hours. Bill is entitled under the law to help Alan in his campaign in the evening.