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Schwartz Chief of Staff Sends Paranoid, Threatening Email to McCord Spokesman

A bizarre email sent from Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz’s chief of staff, Rachel Magnuson, to Treasurer Rob McCord’s campaign spokesman, Mark Nevins, has been partially published by POLITICO’s Alex Burns. Magnuson also copied four top DCCC officials on the email, including … More after the jump

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PA Needs Legally-Binding Comprehensive Plans

What should really goose the Friday afternoon dip in blog traffic is a tirade on the state Municipal Planning Code, so here goes: Many municipalities have wisely recognized that when each local government draws up a zoning plan only for its … More after the jump

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Jack Wagner’s Political Moment Has Passed

Jack Wagner used to be a pretty bold guy who took the lead on daring new policy issues, but that phase of his political career has long been over. The appropriate time to wrap up his career was when he left the Auditor General’s … More after the jump

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Mural Intimidating

PA House Rep. Stan Saylor (R-York) will introduce the Herp Derp Act of 2013 to protect voters from intimidation by murals: The last few presidential elections were monumental and historical for numerous reasons.  One reason we should not be so proud about … More after the jump

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What Does Alan Jennings Have Against the 33-Story Allentown Tower?

Alan Jennings is someone whose experience and opinions on urban policy and land use issues I respect and usually agree with, so I’m disappointed that he seems to be trying to force his own personal design preferences on Allentown: But … More after the jump

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Unequal Access to Justice in Philly

Important post from Samantha Melamed: “The court-appointment system in Philadelphia is probably one of the worst in the country in terms of the amount of money that is paid to the lawyers that are on the [appointed-counsel] list, which of … More after the jump

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The sequester is horrible and all Obama’s fault, but also… a huge political victory for Republicans!

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Alan Butkovitz’s Desperate Doomsaying Controller Campaign

So apparently incumbent Philly Controller Alan Butkovitz thinks his ticket to reelection is going around to AVI information sessions in black neighborhoods, spreading misinformation about AVI, and scaring people into thinking they’re going to get thrown out of their homes. … More after the jump

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Rep. Brian Sims’s Open Letter to Bob Casey on LGBT Rights

Really powerful stuff: PA State Rep. Brian Sims issues open letter to U.S. Senator Bob Casey on issues of LGBT equality(Full text of letter below) Good morning Senator Casey, As you know, this week saw the two most important cases … More after the jump

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*Now* Michael Lamb is Auditing the Pittsburgh Police Department?

Yesterday I read a cool post from Erik Voeten on what political science has to say about surviving sex scandals, and this line in particular really stuck with me (my bold): William Doyle argues at CNN that Americans may forgive Petraeus because he … More after the jump

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