Team Schwartz: Allyson is a Team Player

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On Sunday afternoon, I posted an article expressing my great excitement about Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz’s potential entry into the 2014 Gubernatorial race.  I also expressed my concerns about Schwartz’s history as a team player.

In rapid response, Rep. Schwartz’s political director, Neil Deegan, sent me an email making his case for why my concerns are off base. Neil made some great points, and I’m posting them verbatim here:

-Congresswoman Schwartz, when traveling the Commonwealth for her campaign, often offers to host events for area candidates during her travels – both in southeastern Pennsylvania and across the state. In the 2012 cycle alone, she also participated in over 100 surrogate events and other efforts for the President’s re-election campaign and the state Democratic party.

-Congresswoman Schwartz made contributions totaling $315,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee last cycle – including $300,000 in the first quarter of 2011, and $15,000 before the 2012 election from her leadership committee We the People PAC. Schwartz was one of the first members of the caucus to support the DCCC in the 2012 cycle.

-Through direct contributions, fundraising events and more, Congresswoman Schwartz has given or raised over $3 million for Frontline and Red to Blue candidates since 2005.

-Congresswoman Schwartz’s leadership PAC  – We the People PAC – has raised and distributed approximately $770,000 to candidates and committees since its creation in 2007.

-Schwartz has made direct contributions of $547,000 from her campaign committee and leadership PAC to 192 members and candidates for the House since 2004 – including over $215,000 in the 2012 cycle.

-Congresswoman Schwartz has also made direct contributions of $38,000 to candidates for the United States Senate from We the People PAC – $23,500 in the 2012 cycle alone.

-Knowing the importance of a strong party at all levels, Schwartz has made direct contributions of $92,000 to non-federal candidates from We the People PAC – including $50,350 in the 2012 cycle, along with over $60,000 to local and state level party committees in the 2012 cycle.

There are a few important takeaways from Neil’s email.

First and foremost, I should have done better research.

That said, being a team player means more than just throwing money around.

Also, it is not clear how much of that money went to PA candidates. Nor does it serve as an explanation for letting SEPA get swamped by the GOP.

It does, however, suggest that Schwartz is more of a team player than I gave her credit for.

Second, the exceptionally quick and detailed retort from the Schwartz campaign means that Rep. Schwartz is serious about running for Governor (or Neil Deegan is a one man rapid-response MACHINE).

A few insiders thought that Schwartz’s moves at the State Committee meeting might have just been a testing of the statewide waters for a 2016 Senate run. This view now seems to be mistaken.

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