PA GOP Hosting “Confederate History Month” Governor for Lincoln Day Dinner

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Let’s imagine for a moment that you work for the Pennsylvania Republican Party, and you are charged with planning the annual Lincoln Day Dinner. The dinner, named for President Abraham Lincoln, needs a guest speaker.

Short of inviting a John Wilkes Booth impersonator, what are some other options for “Worst Possible/Most Antithetical Speaker” to keynote the event?

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell

If you guessed a Southern Governor who instituted Confederate History Month to “understand the sacrifices of the Confederate leaders, soldiers and citizens during the period of the Civil War,” you would be correct.

That’s right, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell will be the keynote speaker at the PA GOP’s annual Lincoln Day Dinner at the Harrisburg Hilton on February 8th.

In 2010, Governor McDonnell declared that April would be Confederate History Month in Virginia, saying that Confederate history “should not be forgotten, but instead should be studied, understood and remembered.”

Presumably, the PA GOP has invited Governor McDonnell to speak in order to bridge the gap between the goals and ideals of Abraham Lincoln and the misunderstood merits of Slaveocracy.

Here’s a list of other topics in McDonnell’s wheelhouse for him to speak about at the PA GOP Lincoln Day Dinner:

  1. His belief, as outlined in his Master’s thesis from Regent University, that working women and feminists are “detrimental” to the family and that the government should favor married couples over “cohabitators, homosexuals or fornicators.”
  2. His views on transvaginal probes for women (always a favorite topic for the PA GOP).
  3. His failed “personhood” legislation.

Clearly, the PA GOP is ready to take on issues that will modernize and broaden the appeal of the Republican Party in Pennsylvania.

Tip of the hat to PA GOP Chairman Rob Gleason for approving McDonnell as the Lincoln Day Speaker. Gleason is likely to serve another term at the helm of the PA GOP and continue his comedy of errors.

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Jake Sternberger was a contributing writer at Keystone Politics from 2011 to 2014.
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8 Responses to PA GOP Hosting “Confederate History Month” Governor for Lincoln Day Dinner

  1. [obligatory disgust] [crass invective] and wouldn’t even offer Hitler a towel. So, there.

  2. Billy Bearden says:

    Mr Sternberger,
    Perhaps the Pa GOP could invite Former President Bill Clinton –
    he used to sign many Confederate Proclamations while Gov of Arkansas, plus
    he signed the bill making the single star above the word ARKANSAS on the state flag
    one that commemorates the Confederacy

    Perhaps the Pa GOP could invite former Ga Governors Zell Miller or Roy Barnes
    They also signed Confederate History Month Proclamations as well.

    Or perhaps not, seeing as how those were DEMOCRATS…. Perhaps
    now is a good time to drop all the snarky hatred.
    Or perhaps not, cause then you’d have to find another line of work :)

    • Jon says:


    • Jake Sternberger says:

      This guy references Zell Miller and expects me to respond… what does he expect me to fight his argument with–spit balls?

    • JosephW says:

      Well, considering Miller’s high-profile appearance at the 2004 GOP Convention and all of his post-2004 pro-GOP, conservative extremism, I don’t see why the PA GOP wouldn’t extend an invitation to Miller.

      As for Barnes, you might want to consider that it was Barnes who led the change in the Georgia state flag to remove the Confederate Battle Flag emblem from it. (The replacement flag from 2001-03 was a major eyesore that, unfortunately, contained a much smaller version of the flag but, at least the segregationist flag was no longer the prominent eyesore flying over Georgia’s government buildings.) So, any “Proclamations” he may have signed during his term as Governor were completely cancelled out by getting rid of the segregationist flag.

      Now, the real problem, of course, with the PA GOP’s invitation involves a little town called Gettysburg. (Perhaps, Billy, you’ve heard of it?) Inviting a man who signed a “Confederate History Month” proposal to speak before a State Party that *cough*represents the Party of Lincoln*cough* in a state where one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War was fought and was commemorated by President Lincoln who clearly noted that the country was engaged in a civil war and that the war was being fought to PRESERVE THE UNION.

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  5. Dparis says:

    Why does this writer hate those who have a biblical moral foundation and lump them in with brutal slaveowners? Is the message here you have to group those with morals with those who are brutal?