Al Sharpton to Rally in Philly for Workers’ Rights

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Reverend Al Sharpton will be joining labor leaders including AFSCME President Lee Saunders and American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten for a rally on Independence Mall to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. by “standing for the rights of working families under attack in the City of Brotherly Love.”


According to AFSCME, Democratic Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is leading the attack on workers’ rights. From the press release:

Philadelphia has a Mayor who refuses to put the needs of the community ahead of the interests of the few. His 1% agenda means less vital services for Philadelphia’s communities. Our school system is run by a “Reform Commission” so focused on the bottom line that it’s willing to close schools and disrupt the lives of students, parents and communities.

If realized, this 1% agenda would hurt us all. In Philadelphia, we are witnessing the erosion of King’s vision of strong communities forged by a level playing field and educational opportunity.

The Saturday rally starts at  10:00am, and will include the now-famous anti-Nutter mobile video billboard truck.

For a primer on the dispute between AFSCME and Mayor Nutter, check out this TV ad from District Council 33 expressing their grievances.

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