Rothfus Q & A with Johnstown Chamber of Commerce

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At a breakfast this morning hosted by the Greater Johnstown/Cambria City Chamber of Commerce, Republican Congressman-Elect Keith Rothfus gave a short speech and participated in a Question and Answer session.

Naturally the event took place in the splendor of the Sunnehanna Country Club, which all you bons vivants out there know was designed and later altered by renowned architect A.W. Tillinghast.

Here’s the summary:

In his speech, Rothfus reflected on his recent travel to D.C. for “Congressman school,” and said that he really enjoyed being in D.C. as more than just a tourist.

In the Q&A, Rothfus expressed interest in serving on the Judiciary Committee, the Homeland Security Committee, or the Financial Services Committee.

These choices make sense given Rothfus’s career prior to his election to Congress. Rothfus previously worked as as Associate Dean of Regent University Law School in Virginia Beach with Pat Roberston in the 1990s, hence his interest in the Judiciary Committee.

Then, Rothfus was the Director of the Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives for the Department of Homeland Security and Rothfus later worked for the Bank of New York Mellon and the Grant Street Group, hence the Homeland Security and Financial Services Committees.

Rothfus also was adamant that a fiscal cliff deal would not be worked out and that the Bush tax cuts would not expire. After being asked about his signing of the Grover Norquist pledge, Rothfus said he will absolutely follow it.

Also, Rothfus stated that he plans to open an office in downtown Johnstown, and that he is working out some of the details later today.  Jon Raso, his campaign manager and a former Toomey employee, will be his District Director.

Rothfus reiterated his pledge to serve only 6 terms (which nearly coincides with the next round of redistricting).

Finally, for those curious, Rothfus still wants “relight America.”

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