New Workers’ Voice Ad: Mitt Romney is an “Economic Traitor”

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Today, Workers’ Voice and Patriot Majority announced a television and online ad campaign that portrays Mitt Romney as “an economic traitor,” specifically targeting how workers at Sensata were forced by Romeny’s Bain Capital to take down the American flag as they were simultaneously forced to train their Chinese replacements.

You can view the ad and accompanying website at

The TV ad will run in Pittsburgh in order to to hit western Ohio part of market. It will also be running outside Pennsylvania in both Youngstown and Green Bay.

“Mitt Romney is an economic traitor who desecrated the flag while decimating jobs,” said Workers’ Voice Communications Director Eddie Vale.  “It’s bad enough that Romney & Bain destroy American jobs and send them to China.  But to make American workers take down our flag while training their Chinese replacements is something only an economic traitor would do.”

The ad features Sensata worker Tom Gaulrapp, who asks if “we’re supposed to be ashamed that we’re Americans?”

Online video pre-roll and display ads will run state-wide in Ohio and Wisconsin to target rural voters. Facebook ads will make up 10% of the online ads, and there will be “search ads” on both Google and Bing.

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2 Responses to New Workers’ Voice Ad: Mitt Romney is an “Economic Traitor”

  1. Adevarul says:

    TRUTH about the MSM (main sewer media):

    Obama has taken the Hollywad route again with Jay Leno because it allows him to spin with no debate. Most of America knows this.

    I’m sure Jay didn’t bring up the e-mails that prove the WH knew about the source of our Libya ambassador’s murder 2 HOURS after it happened then they all LIED to America and the world for days afterward. Probably because they also refused the security that was requested before the murder.

    Oh, and the MSM (main sewer media) has predictably buried this shocking NEWS on TV and the internet quickly….to bring us stories about Jay Leno and endless headlines, opinions and lies that they hope will re-define Romney.

  2. Lawrence says:

    I’m surprised that the Democrats have not made more political hay from Sensata which is as bad as the incident where they ran their single most effective ad showing the worker they made build the stage as they announced sending his job to China who felt as if he was building his own coffin. Sensata would be more devastating as it’s happening in real time.