PA Working Families Endorses Boockvar

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On Saturday morning, outsourced workers, unemployed workers, veterans, small business owners and Medicare recipients gathered in Fairless Hills in PA’s hotly-contested 8th Congressional District to announce their endorsement of Kathy Boockvar against incumbent Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.

“We’ve been calling on Rep. Fitzpatrick to take measures to stop outsourcing, to vote against the Ryan Budget and to make the super-wealthy pay their fair share,” said Walter Heinz, who has participated in numerous PA Working Families activities. “He has ignored us at every turn and votes with the extreme members of his party against the best interests of middle class people.”

According to their website, PA Working Families is a grassroots group “for the rest of us — the hard working families who make Pennsylvania what it is. The people who don’t have a lobbyist or a Super PAC.”

Boockvar—and not Rep. Fitzpatrick—participated in a PA Working Families candidate forum on September 15 where supporters asked the candidate questions on priority issues like outsourcing, protecting Medicare and ending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

The group said that Boockvar’s positions strongly align with their priorities.

Speaking at the endorsement were Walter Heinz, PA Working Families community leader and Levittown resident, Don Griffiths, Medicare and Social Security recipient, Levittown resident, Oscar Salinas, a Veteran and Levittown resident, Det Ansinn, a small business owner and Doylestown resident, and various others.

Each speaker explained their support for Boockvar behind a large sign reading “Front and Back Paycheck Signers for Boockvar,” a reference to a recorded statement that Rep. Fitzpatrick made at a Tea Party event in which he told his Tea Party supporters that “we need to support people who have a history and know what it is like to sign the front of a paycheck, not the back of a paycheck.”

As the PA AFL-CIO explained, Rep. Fitzpatrick’s remarks “impl[y] that people who receive paychecks rather than own businesses are somehow less important to the American economy.”

In response to Fitzpatrick’s remarks, his opponent Kathy Boockvar explained that “as Congresswoman for the 8th district, I will represent all of the people, regardless of what side of the paycheck they sign.”

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