Mike Fitzpatrick–The Greatest Tap Dancer in all of Pennsylvania

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The Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans is citing a recent article in the Bucks County Intelligencer which they say “highlighted a new level of political tap-dancing from Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick.”

The September 18th article focused, among other things, on Fitzpatrick’s past statements in support of President Bush’s Social Security privatization scheme during Fitzpatrick’s first term in Congress.

But here’s the really odd part–the Intelligencer article stated that “Fitzpatrick said he can ’embrace’ the first 500 pages” of the Affordable Care Act.

The problem for Fitzpatrick is that the first 500 pages include portions of the bill that he has always opposed with great vehemence, including the individual mandate, Independent Payment Advisory Board, and most notably the 716 billion he claims Leader Pelosi and President Obama are stealing from Medicare.

Apparently, Fitzpatrick now supports all of those, and more.

Yet, just last year, Fitzpatrick signed an amicus brief submitted by Family Research Council that urged the repeal of the President’s health care reform law.

In a 2010 interview with Politico, Fitzpatrick referred to the Affordable Care Act as a “disaster” and then told the Philadelphia Daily News that the bill is “teeming with taxpayer funded bribes.”

This flip-flop is just puzzling.  Fitzpatrick has repeatedly voted in favor of repeal based on his opposition to the above aspects of the Affordable Care Act.  Now, all of a sudden, he has drastically changed his mind against the interests of his Tea Party supporters in an election year attempt to portray himself as a moderate.

“I’ve never had such a difficult time keeping track of a Congressman’s positions than I do with Mike Fitzpatrick,” said Jean Friday, President of the Pennsylvania Alliance for Retired Americans.

Friday was especially concerned with Fitzpatrick’s statements in the very same Intelligencer article that addressed changes to Social Security, pointing out that Fitzpatrick “ran for Congress in 2004 on a platform opposing Social Security private accounts, then he supported the concept in Congress.  Now he says he is against these private accounts, and has the gall to claim that his position has been consistent!”

“Personally, his opposition today doesn’t comfort me much, and it shouldn’t comfort my fellow retirees,” added Friday. “He just might change his mind again.”

Jerry Pollack, a member of the PA Alliance Executive Board and a resident of Churchville, was also upset with Fitzpatrick’s lack of consistency on Social Security, saying that “the only thing consistent about Congressman Fitzpatrick is inconsistency.  Congressman Fitzpatrick ran for office as a moderate, but since he began his comeback he has drifted closer and closer to the Tea Party leaders who control his ability to win GOP primaries.  The fact that he has changed his stripes on the issue of Social Security privatization comes as no surprise.”

Congressman Fitzpatrick has a lifetime retiree voting score of 13% with the Alliance for Retired Americans.

Hopefully, Fitzpatrick will clarify his position on this issue in the coming days, but for now it looks like he supports 500 pages of communist, liberal 47%-er socialism.

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2 Responses to Mike Fitzpatrick–The Greatest Tap Dancer in all of Pennsylvania

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  2. Susan Gibbons says:

    His flip flopping should not be a surprise. He is in a tight race. He is trying to appease everyone which makes his comments and statements hollow and not to be trusted. If he gets reelected he will be able to do as he wishes…one has to look at his record of siding with the extreme right wingers to determine what that would be.