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PA Working Families Endorses Boockvar

On Saturday morning, outsourced workers, unemployed workers, veterans, small business owners and Medicare recipients gathered in Fairless Hills in PA’s hotly-contested 8th Congressional District to announce their endorsement of Kathy Boockvar against incumbent Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick. “We’ve been calling on … More after the jump

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The Fallout From Mike Fitzpatrick’s “47%” Moment

Reactions are pouring in after The Morning Call reported this morning on Mike Fitzpatrick’s “47%” moment.  Speaking to a Tea Party group, Fitzpatrick was recorded telling them that “we need to support people who have a history and know what … More after the jump

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Nuisance Properties and the Power of Shame

Samantha Melamed on Philly Councilman Bobby Henon’s apparently successful shaming strategy for nuisance property owners: Councilman Henon says he’s been working with both the District Attorney’s Office and the Department of Licenses and Inspections, as well as studying best practices … More after the jump

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You Fight Gentrification By Building More Housing, Not Less

This land grab plan from the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority is by far the most insane idea for fighting gentrification I’ve ever seen: Walking through the area now, the transition is evident in its mix of older two- to three-story rowhomes, … More after the jump

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PBPC Says State #VoterID Implementation Not Ready for Prime Time

Sharon Ward: On Wednesday, the Pennsylvania Budget and Policy Center released a report on this topic exactly. The report, Moving Target: Pennsylvania’s Flawed Implementation of the Voter ID Law, asks the question: “How is PennDOT handling the new Department of … More after the jump

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Bill White on Tom Corbett’s Disastrous Education Record

Cut this column out, put it on your refrigerator, and remember it on election day: •School budgets across Pennsylvania in tatters thanks to Corbett’s billion-dollar cut in state education funding that sent teachers to the unemployment lines, class sizes soaring … More after the jump

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PA-8: Mike Fitzpatrick’s “47%” Moment

Mike Fitzpatrick got caught on tape echoing Mitt Romney’s nutty Makers vs. Takers worldview in front of some Tea People: In the recording, Fitzpatrick talks briefly about a group he meets with in Lower Bucks County on a couple of … More after the jump

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Susan Spicka Blasts Rob Kauffman’s Cowardice on Transportation Funding

Susan Spicka continues to dominate the race to be our favorite PA House candidate this cycle: HD-89: Susan Spicka hosted a solo forum on the issue of transportation, she says because her opponent, Rep. Rob Kauffman (R-Franklin), won’t agree to … More after the jump

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Print Money and Give It to People

Philadelphia’s own Duncan Black explains why this idea is not crazy, in the pages of USA Today: This probably sounds like a crazy idea, but it isn’t. People are a bit uncomfortable with the notion that the Fed can simply … More after the jump

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Pro-Sprawl Legislation Moving Forward Below the Radar in Harrisburg

I’m not as concerned as Ronnie Polaneczky about the threat HB2224 presents to municipal and county parks. Parks seem to be popular enough that the regular political process should be a sufficient check on politicians who might want to sell … More after the jump

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