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PA-Sen: Tom Smith Just Can’t Stop Talking Down to Women

Tom Smith: “Perhaps where we’re making our mistake is that we are asking President Obama and Senator Bob Casey to do something they have no knowledge of. They’ve never been in business, they’ve never ran [sic] businesses, they don’t have … More after the jump

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Romney-Ryan Campaign Gambling On Political Press Not Calling Them Liars No Matter What They Say

Maybe some of you political reporters don’t really care so much about making sure your readers understand whether Paul Ryan got his facts right, or whatever, but I know how much you care about looking savvy! Look how silly these teevee … More after the jump

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Why Is Auditor General an Elected Position?

On the one hand, I get why you probably wouldn’t want the Governor picking the Auditor General, and maybe you want him/her to have some independence from the legislature too. But is there some way to pick an independent Auditor … More after the jump

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Refreshingly Honest Dialogue on #VoterID in the South

Voter ID supporters in the northeast are all crypto about it, but in the South they let it all hang out: State Rep. Alan Clemmons, who authored the South Carolina voter ID law being argued in federal court this week, … More after the jump

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Some People Will Have to Go to PennDOT Twice to Get New #VoterID

Mary Wilson says some people will have to go to the licensing center twice: The Committee of Seventy, an advocacy group that has been opposed to the state’s new photo requirement at the polls from the get-go, has raised concerns … More after the jump

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Should Rapists Get Child Visitation Rights?

Tara Murtha is depressing me: So what about Pennsylvania? It turns out that Pennsylvania recently became one of the states to add rape as a valid disqualification for parental rights. From the code: “The rights of a parent in regard … More after the jump

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PA-15: Charlie Dent Forgot to Include the Word “Republican” Anywhere On His New Website

Couldn’t be trying to shake off the stink of the Worst Congress Ever, could he?

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NIMBYism vs. Affordable Housing

The NIMBYs on the Old City Civic Association want the Philly ZBA to turn down a 128-apartment building at 205 Race St. because it doesn’t fit the “character” of the neighborhood. But as GroJLart points out there does not appear to … More after the jump

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Allyson Schwartz Introduces Bill to Fix the Doctor Shortage

Sarah Kliff explains Allyson Schwartz’s plan to fund more residencies: The residency program to train doctors has, for decades, largely been financed by Medicare. Back in 1997, when Medicare costs were skyrocketing, Congress passed the Balanced Budget Amendment. Among its … More after the jump

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No Spending Limit for Fitzpatrick–One of Many Broken Campaign Finance Promises

Gary Weckselblatt over at The Intelligencer pointed out today that in the 2010 election cycle, Mike Fitzpatrick challenged Patrick Murphy to limit spending on the 2010 campaign to $1 million apiece. Now, Fitzpatrick told members of The Intelligencer’s editorial board … More after the jump

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