PA Dems Include Marriage Equality in The Party Platform

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In practice, passing marriage equality in PA is going to come down to whether individual lawmakers want to do the right thing, not what’s in the party platform. But it’s great news to see the Democratic state committee pass marriage equality into the platform by such a huge margin:

With loud support, party members agreed to a resolution endorsing same sex marriage. Adams County Democratic Chair Roger Lung, who is openly gay, made the motion after telling the story of he and his longtime partner who were married in Washington D.C. in recent years. Their marriage is not recognized in Pennsylvania.

The resolution calls for the party to endorse “Freedom to Marry,” elected officials to co-sponsor relevant legislation, Chairman Burn to officially back same sex-marriage and for PA convention representatives to endorse it as an official platform plank at the Democratic National Convention in the fall.

The motion went to a voice vote, which by this writer’s hearing went 85 or 90 percent in favor, 10 or 15 percent against. The “No’s” came mostly from the northwest and southwest caucuses, with a few in Allegheny.

The motion passed just a few weeks after Jo Ann Nardelli, a former Democratic state committeewoman well known by people in the room, cited gay marriage when she defected from the party.

(Thanks: Keegan Gibson)

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