PA AFL-CIO Weighs in on New Poll in PA-12

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A new poll out today from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review shows Congressman Mark Critz gaining momentum and now within four points of his Primary Election opponent, Congressman Jason Altmire.

Since the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO endorsed Critz three weeks ago, their members have been knocking on doors and making phone calls, “talking to working Pennsylvanians about why Congressman Critz is the right choice.”

Although the poll actually showed an Altmire lead in union households, the PA AFL-CIO believes that their efforts for Critz have played a role in narrowing the gap given that they made their endorsement only three weeks ago.

“A lot of our members in the newly redrawn 12 Congressional District didn’t know who Mark Critz was,” said the AFL-CIO’s Campaign Communications Director in Pennsylvania, Yuri Beckelman.  “When the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO endorsed only three weeks ago, we began a major effort to introduce him to our members and they’ve responded well.  I think that makes up a lot of the momentum you are seeing today.”

Pennsylvania AFL-CIO President Richard Bloomingdale added that grassroots operations throughout the district have also contributed to the narrowing of the gap.

“We’ve spent the last three weeks going door-to-door educating our membership about Congressman Critz’ commitment to working families,” said Bloomingdale.  “Mark Critz remains the best candidate to represent the union members in the district who are looking for someone to fight for jobs and an economy that works for everyone.”

With the election coming up on Tuesday, April 24th, time is running out for both candidates to pound the pavement and reach Democratic voters.

“A champion track star runs through the finish line.  Mark Critz has done it before, and we look for him to do it again,” said Secretary-Treasurer Frank Snyder, when referring to Critz’s escalating momentum. “The Pennsylvania AFL-CIO has always known Mark Critz to be a fighter for Western Pennsylvania working families, both in his years with Congressman Murtha, and as a United States Congressman.”

Critz spokesman Mike Mikus said in an email that Critz “has all of the momentum in the race, with major labor endorsements and a much stronger grassroots operation for GOTV.”


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  1. Artie says:

    Bloomingdale, Snyder, and George are arrogant union hacks with no political juice. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone who knows them.