Altmire Endorsed by Pittsburgh Post Gazette

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The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the most widely circulated newspaper in western PA, endorsed Congressman Jason Altmire over the weekend.  A left-leaning paper, the Post Gazette nod is a significant addition for Altmire, who has been lacking in left-leaning labor endorsements, most of which have gone to his opponent, Congressman Mark Critz.

From the PG:

Some Democrats may see their differences as slight, but we find them significant. Mr. Altmire voted to abolish “don’t ask, don’t tell,” which forced gay soldiers to hide their homosexuality. He said if soldiers are willing to fight and die for their country, they should be able to serve openly. Mr. Critz voted against repeal.

Mr. Altmire has voted “at every opportunity” to fund Planned Parenthood because he sees access to contraception as part of being pro-life. Mr. Critz has voted to deny federal funds.

Mr. Altmire voted yes to ban the use of troops in Libya without Congress’ approval; Mr. Critz voted no. Mr. Altmire has cast votes to reduce the use of fossil fuels and develop energy alternatives, while Mr. Critz is more interested in protecting the coal industry.

During their interview with Post-Gazette editorial writers, Mr. Altmire also showed a keener understanding of key legislation.

They may vote the same on many issues and, despite competing in the primary, share a respect for each other. But Democrats should see enough differences to nominate Jason Altmire as their candidate in the 12th District.

The PG endorsement comes in addition to Altmire’s previous endorsements from the ATU Local 85, Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 47, as well as the Democratic Committee endorsements from Beaver, Allegheny, and Westmoreland Counties.  These three counties account for 75 percent of all primary voters, and Congressman Altmire won the endorsements with a combined 74 percent of the vote.

For more on the Critz versus Altmire dynamic, see yesterday’s April Fool’s Day article on the race.

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