Admiral Joe Sestak Endorses Ken Lee for the 4th Congressional District

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Ken Lee’s campaign for Congress announced today that Admiral Joe Sestak is endorsing Lee in the race for the 4th Congressional District.  Lee, who is running against Harry Perkinson in the April 24th Primary Election, is seeking so succeed Congressman Todd Platts who announced his retirement earlier this year. 

In his endorsement, Admiral Sestak praised Lee’s track record of advocacy, knowledge of the issues, and dedication to public service.

“A long-time advocate on behalf of women, children, seniors, the working family, and our Veterans, [Ken Lee] has coupled his knowledge of issues, from business to the workforce, with his legal expertise to always fight for the people,” said former Congressman Sestak.

“This, combined with his keen insight into matters facing our nation, makes him uniquely qualified to be a tremendous Representative in the United States Congress,” Sestak added. “He will serve the people as their public servant, always remembering that it is they he serves, above himself.”

Admiral Joe Sestak served in the United States Navy for 31 years and attained the rank of 3-Star Admiral.  After retiring from the Navy, he became the highest-ranking former military officer ever elected to either house of Congress, serving as Representative for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional district for 4 years.

Sestak ran for Senate against Pat Toomey in 2010, losing by a very slim margin in what was a terrible year nationally for the Democrats.

Ken Lee has previously been endorsed by the Central Pennsylvania Building and Construction Trades Council.  He has also been endorsed by the Cumberland County Democratic Committee.

“I am truly honored to receive Admiral Sestak’s endorsement,” said Lee.  “He has a proven track record as a dedicated public servant, and an advocate for our working families. During his time in Congress he provided leadership on equal rights as well as strengthening our economy, and I will work tirelessly to do the same.”

Ken Lee is a nationally recognized attorney who specializes in complex commercial litigation on behalf of businesses in industries including infrastructure construction, insurance, government contracts, inter-governmental relations, banking, real estate and several others, often taking on the government.

Lee’s experience in representing businesses gives him “a unique understanding of the economy and how it works.”

Additionally, Ken is part owner in a successful firm, which employs over 150 people.

[Bonus: Here is a link to a video via the Democratic Party of York County, who has put together a candidates forum video between Ken Lee and Harry Perkinson.  Well worth all 28 minutes!]

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One Response to Admiral Joe Sestak Endorses Ken Lee for the 4th Congressional District

  1. JoyfulA says:

    When Lee was running for Cumberland County prothonotary, he told a gathering of Dems that he’d garnered more financial support from Republicans than from Democrats. I think we were supposed to be impressed with his viability as a candidate, but I was negatively impressed. I haven’t seen anything since then to change my opinion, including the above-claimed national reputation as a litigator for corporations against government.