PA-15: Charlie Dent Will Vote Against Free Birth Control

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Roy Blunt’s anti-contraception amendment, which would let your boss refuse to cover your contraception based on vague personal “moral” objections, went down in the Senate today, but Charlie Dent (R-15th District) plans to vote for it when it comes up in the House.

Colby Itkowitz finally asked Dent where he stands on President Obama’s requirement that all insurers cover birth control:

Lehigh Valley Congressman Charlie Dent, R-15th District — who received a 50 percent score on Planned Parenthood’s 2012 legislative scorecard, tying him with Casey and placing him higher than all Pennsylvania Republicans and several Pennsylvania Democrats — said the debate is not about contraception availability, but “individuals’ religious liberty.”

Dent plans to vote against Obama’s accommodation, allowing institutions and their insurers to choose not to cover contraception.

Dent bills himself as a pro-choice moderate to win in his Democratic-leaning district, but he is siding with the anti-contraception fundamentalists in his party on this one. This is likely to cost him big with the unmarried women who are the most important swing voters in this election.

While the Republican Party is desperately trying to contain the damage by rebranding this as a fight about “religious freedom” or something, it’s become quite clear to the American people that this is another Terry Schiavo moment from a party dominated by white Southern reactionaries.

These guys simply hate the idea of women being allowed to have unapproved recreational sex without suffering life-changing consequences, and they think you are a slut if you complain about the substantial cost. Rick Santorum, whose coattails Dent may be riding this fall, believes states should be allowed to ban contraception.

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