Critz Buys $600K Ad Campaign

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Remarkably, Congressman Mark Critz has decided to take almost all of his remaining campaign funds and purchase a massive ad campaign to the tune of almost $600,000.  Critz, who is running against Congressman Jason Altmire in the 12th Congressional District, is seeking to capitalize on the fact that Altmire is saving his money for the General Election.  Altmire will only be spending roughly $300,000 from now until the Primary Election, according to PoliticsPA.

The massive Critz ad buy comes on the heels of an internal poll released by the Altmire campaign last week showing a 55% to 31% lead for Congressman Altmire.

The Critz campaign spent a majority of the purchase in the Pittsburgh media market, spending less than $100,000 in Johnstwon where Critz polls in the high 80% range.  The Johnstown media market is also significantly cheaper than a Pittsburgh ad buy.  Altmire has focused largely on the Pittsburgh market, where he has the polling advantage.

“Mark Critz is fully committed to winning this  race and we’re taking nothing for granted,” said Critz’s Campaign Manager Mike Mikus.  “We will continue to use every avenue to talk about Mark Critz’s record of fighting to create jobs, while protecting Social Security and Medicare. We’re running a strong campaign and it will only get stronger as we move closer to election day.”

Critz believes that if he can retain their strong numbers in Cambria County and chip away at Altmire’s lead in the Western part of the District, he has a solid chance at winning the race.

[Keystone Politics is waiting for a comment from the Altmire campaign, and this article will be updated to reflect any reaction.]

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